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2023 Easy Guide on How to Write a Personal Essay

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a well-written personal essay. Inspiring readers with your experiences, lessons learned from past errors, or simply describing the joy you felt while participating in an enjoyable activity can literally alter the course of people’s lives. Take a moment to consider this. It’s insane how much influence you can have on your audience with only a pen and paper in your hands and your thoughts circulating in your consciousness.

You must know how to write a personal essay in order to tame your free-floating thoughts and place them in context. The implicit structure of a personal essay, which is otherwise defined as a nonfiction narrative story, distinguishes it from other forms of writing. Once we’ve covered those, we’ll examine some personal essay topics with our essay writing service online. We guarantee that after reading this article, you will feel so confident writing your personal statement that you will want to write multiple personal essays simultaneously!


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Correct Format


When attempting to comprehend what a personal essay is, you must begin with its format. No, we did not intend to frighten you away if this seemed too intricate! With a few exceptions, the format for a personal essay can be similar to that of most academic assignments. Let’s investigate the information provided by our paper writer:

Unless instructed otherwise, you may use any intelligible fonts – Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri in size 12 – as long as they are legible.

As with the majority of written works, assign your margins to one inch on all sides.

This is an all-time classic! Double-space the entire essay, including the spaces between paragraphs.

Indent the first line of every paragraph by half an inch or use the tab key. This may be too specific, but it’s a tried-and-true technique!

Include page numbers in the upper right-hand corner of each page. This isn’t required, but it can give your paper a little more pizzazz!

Include a title that reflects the subject or theme of your paper. The title is centered on the page. Did we really require further explanation?

Include a masthead with your last name and page number in the upper right-hand corner of each page. Considering that this is your personal narrative, why would you omit your name?

duration: The duration of a personal essay can range from 500 to 2,000 words, but is typically between 500 and 1,000 words. Well, unless you’re discussing rehabilitation from a generational trauma… In that case, you’d likely need additional pages.

A personal essay should have a conversational, reflective, and sincere tone. This is the minimum recommendation to avoid sounding monotonous.

Personal pronouns: Use ‘I,”me,’ and’my.’ Remember that the focus is on you because you are the true hero of the narrative.

Personal Essay Topics


If you have many interesting experiences to tell, you can make your personal essay shine by interactively engaging the reader. To discover a unique or interesting experience or moment in your life, you should make a little extra effort and dig deeper.

Examining a life lesson from a different perspective can yield profound and meaningful subject matter. If you decide to select a topic from a lengthy list of personal essay topics discovered on the Internet, you must be precise and cautious because not all of them will satisfy your professor’s requirements.

Topics for personal narrative essays


In this form of writing, you should explore a unique experience that caused you to feel conflict. Examine how and why the experience left you perplexed, annoyed, or offended. Imagine your piece of paper as a place where you can freely express your emotions, discuss significant events, and reflect on the impact they have had on your life. This tip can help you generate a number of excellent essay topics, but if you need some inspiration, there are some examples provided below.

Examples:20 Good Personal Essay Topics


We have no doubt that you have many interesting anecdotes to tell. Therefore, make your personal essay flourish by interactively involving the reader. To discover a unique or interesting experience or moment in your life, you should make a little extra effort and dig deeper.

Examining a life lesson from a different perspective can transform it into a meaningful and profound topic. If you need additional inspiration, select a topic from the list of personal essay topics provided by our “write research paper for me” service.

Topics for personal narrative essays


In this form of writing, you should attempt to explore an experience that has created a conflict in your life. Examine how and why the experience left you perplexed, annoyed, or offended. Imagine your piece of paper as a place where you can freely express your emotions, discuss significant moments, and reflect on the impact they have had on your life. This tip can help you generate numerous excellent essay topics, but if you need additional inspiration, you can find some examples below.

  1. “One small step that propelled my career to new heights!”
  2. Why controlling your impulses teaches you self-control
  3. People only learn from their own errors.
  4. “Life is not a straight path; it is more winding than a snake!”
  5. “What I discovered about overcoming my fears”
  6. “The time when I ought to have made a better decision”
  7. “The moment I conquered my fear of public speaking”
  8. “How I overcame adversity with courage”
  9. The influence of mentoring: invaluable lessons learned from my mentor
  10. “My journey to discovering a place to belong”

Topics for Personal Essays on Particular Emotions


You may also discuss a significant life event that left a lasting impression on you. Typically, this sort of essay discusses an event that occurred in your life and altered it in some way. Dive deeper into your mind and discover a unique and personal experience. The stranger the event, the more likely it is that the essay will be interesting to read.


  1. How I overcame my anxiety through the power of exercise
  2. How I surmounted the traumatic experience through painting
  3. ‘My endeavor to reclaim my cultural identity
  4. How I dealt with culture shock while studying abroad
  5. “The year I made the transition from amateur to professional artist.”
  6. “The best solo hike I’ve ever taken”
  7. “The moment I conquered my eating disorder and discovered how to love my authentic self”
  8. “How practicing gratitude enabled me to find beauty in the mundane.”
  9. “The power of abandoning toxic relationships”
  10. “How I upheld the legacy of my family.”

If you have not observed already, each of these titles possesses a captivating atmosphere. The names are captivating, but reading them is the only way to truly understand their meaning. That is the key to an intriguing title!

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Creating a Personal Essay Outline


As with the majority of academic assignments, the personal essay can be readily organized into five paragraphs. This is one of the most crucial stages in writing a personal narrative essay at any level. Your outline for a personal essay will serve as a map, so you must stay on course. Understanding how to begin a personal essay, what to include in the body paragraphs, and how to appropriately conclude it will be crucial.

How to Begin an Individual Essay?


Your writing should begin with an introductory paragraph. As it provides the reader with a clear comprehension of the story’s subject matter. Use a hook sentence to pique their interest and encourage them to read the remainder of the paper, and conclude with a whimsical thesis statement. It might be a narrative thesis, for instance. However, it must be written in a single, concise sentence that introduces the reader to the thesis of your essay.

In the introduction, don’t leave your readers in the shadows by omitting crucial details such as:


Who are the most important characters?


  • When and where will it occur?
  • What type of narrative is it?

Creating the Body of the Personal Essay


After composing an introduction, you must compose three body paragraphs that support your thesis. Each new argument requires a separate body paragraph. Don’t neglect to include transitions between paragraphs to ensure everything flows smoothly.

Typically, the body section consists of your experiences and reflections on these occurrences. You should also indicate the passage of time in your body portions, so make sure the reader knows when and how each chapter occurred.

How to Write a Personal Essay Conclusion Paragraph?


Ultimately, it will be necessary to provide your audience with a sense of completion by writing an appropriate conclusion. Restate your thesis, recapitulate the main points discussed in the body paragraphs, and, depending on the topic of your paper, leave the reader with a particular feeling.

The story should also impart a valuable life lesson to its audience. It is an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned from your experiences and how past events have altered your life.

Guidelines for Personal Essay Writing


If you believe you already have sufficient knowledge of personal essays, we have more information to provide. Now let’s examine the numerous stages of writing a personal essay. Follow the list of helpful guidelines and suggestions from our expert personal essay writer without fail!

Start with a captivating introductory sentence.


Introduce your personal essay with a section that is engaging and intriguing to the reader. In the introductory section, establish the story’s main characters and central theme or themes. It should also convey the essay’s central question.

Write from Your Own Unique Perspective


You are free to write from your own perspective and in your own distinctive manner. In contrast to other categories of essays, writing in a personal or subjective manner is encouraged. For example, if you are writing about a trip, you could demonstrate your unique writing style by describing the sights and noises that captivated you. As a result, your writing will be more engaging and genuine, and it will convey your experiences and emotions more effectively.

Take the Characters into Consideration


Be sure to describe all aspects of your characters. Even though it is your own personal experience, you must still consider story elements such as plot and characters. Including these elements in your writing will keep the reader interested and improve the essay’s flow.

Illuminate a Vital Truth

Discuss your prior experience with candor and inquisitiveness. Don’t be hesitant to uncover a hidden truth or one that you were unaware of at the time. Expose a topic that is awkward or challenging for you to discuss. Regardless of who will read your essay. Whether it is a teacher or someone else, they will appreciate your candor and endeavor to learn from your experience.

Create an Initial Draft and Submit

After completing all preceding stages, it is time to compose a rough draft. A preliminary draft enables you to generate new ideas for a personal essay. In addition, it is an excellent resource for polishing your essay and correcting minor grammar, punctuation, and other types of errors. No one can evaluate your writing as accurately as an impartial third party. Once everything has been reviewed, you can begin composing the final paper.

Before submitting your personal essay, double-check everything and ensure that the central theme is presented. After that, thoroughly proofread the entire document. Reading an essay riddled with grammatical errors is aggravating and can be easily avoided. You can ask your classmate for assistance, thereby saving each other. Don’t neglect to meet the deadline, and your work will be complete.

To Sum Up

As we scratched the surface of the personal essay writing process and delved deeply into the specific stages of composing a flawless paper, we trust you have gained valuable insights. These strategies are all you will ever need to captivate your audience or even impress admissions officers.

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