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250 word discussion response 3

Respond to Jason:

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In regards to this week’s discussion board topic pertaining to theoretical approach and our research assignment, I would have to say that I utilized the grounded theory approach. Essentially, grounded theory is the collection/analysis of data, and then theories are developed after the data is analyzed.The theory is grounded based upon the data collected.

In my opinion, all research starts with a topic of interest, area of focus, an idea or theory that you are trying to prove, or disprove through the collection of data.After all, we are trying learn something new, and expand our thoughts.What fun would it be to conduct research on a topic that someone was intimately familiar with?Once the research is done and the information is collected, reviewed and then analyzed, and a formal or grounded theory is developed from the information obtained.

During this class and as I have described in previous discussion board posts, the topic that I am going to focus my research assignment is protecting and securing our southern border, more specifically how much of an impact will a border wall have or not have in helping to secure this country.The southern border wall is a hot topic of debate in this country, especially as the nation begins it push towards the next presidential election.Depending on which side of the isle (Democrat or Republican) a person stands, greatly changes their view point on the southern wall.Our elected officials are great at tugging on the emotions and heartstrings of the American people, in order to try and earn a vote and make their opponents look incompetent and heartless.

Due to the amount of publicity the southern border has received (both good and bad), there should be an abundance of information from research and studies conducted into the southern border situation.After locating that data, I will then analyze the information, to develop my theory regarding if a border wall is an effective way of securing our southern border.I anticipate finding a lot of statistics regarding the increase (or decrease) in the amount of illegal immigrants entering into this country.I also anticipate finding a lot of information on how the election of Donald Trump has played a part in the increase of illegal immigrants crossing the border, as well as his role in overstating the crisis at the southern border.However, based upon the feedback that I received from my previous posts, I will not focus on that aspect and will try to keep my research, focused and to a minimum.I will focus on trying to determine if a border wall/structure is an effective way to secure the border, and I will also focus on if adding additional resources (Customs and Border Patrol Agents, security personnel, and various forms of technology) will help increase or decrease the effectiveness of the border wall.

Grounded theory. (2013). In Howell, K. E. An introduction to the philosophy of methodology (pp. 131-153). London: SAGE Publications Ltd doi: 10.4135/9781473957633

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