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3 Assignments on Cyber Security

Assignmnt 1:

What role do uniform definitions play in a global framework? And discuss why you think a global framework for information communications technology is or is not appropriate?

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Assignment 2:

Write one to two paragraphs.  Precede each answer with the question and its corresponding number.

1.  List and describe the options available for the location of the information security functions within the organization. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

2.  What are the critical considerations when dismissing an employee? Do these change according to whether the departure is friendly or hostile, or according to which position the employee is departing from?

3.  What are the three primary aspects of information security risk management? Why is each important?

Assignment 3:

Provide a url address for a contemporary academic or media article which demonstrates one or more concept(s) and/or topic(s) in regards to Cyberterrorism and its effects on the US. Then write a brief essay, not to exceed 3 paragraphs, identifying the basis for selecting this article and how the events described in the article correlate to the concept/topic.

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