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American University Satanism and Christianity in the American Context Essay

Final Paper or Project:

Your final project can be either an essay or alternative project (in consultation with me), in which you to examine a religious tradition of your own choosing as it is lived and expressed in the contemporary American context. What has changed? What has remained the same? This essay is your opportunity to reflect upon the theme of the course by exploring how religious traditions have changed over time. This project will have four parts: a proposal, an outline and bibliography, the final product, and a presentation. Specific details will be provided.

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Your paper must include an introductory paragraph that contains a thesis statement. What is your paper about? Why is this important to you? How are you going to argue your point? Be aware that since these papers are short, you will need to choose a rather narrow topic to discuss. Choose a single question and make sure every paragraph and sentence addresses your exact topic and thesis.

Your final paper or project is up to you. The only requirement for your topic is that it remains within our class theme: interacting and changing religious communities. If you choose to write a paper, the expectation is that the paper will be written academically, resembling a research paper. The length is approximately 1,500 words or 6 double-spaced pages, which does not include the bibliography. You must cite at least 6 separate sources in the paper (books and academic articles; try to avoid popular publications).

If you are doing a project, the same level of scholarship is expected. Examples of projects are: descriptive religious video, organized personal interviews, and religious art comparison (requires a paper still, though different from the research paper option).

and here is the outline

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