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answer the prompts

LTEA 143: South Korean Literature / Short Paper #1

Length: 500 words, double-spaced. (250 words per page)

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Please write in the form of MLA.

Please respond to both prompts.

1. On Wiegman’s article (Around 125 words, ½ page)

Please summarize Wiegman’s main arguments in your own words. Then please formulate a question about a specific aspect of her article. Your question could be about an idea she discusses or about an argument she makes. First, briefly summarize the relevant part or quote a short passage and then write a question about it.

2. On The Coachman, using Moon’s article (Around 375 words, 1 ½ pages)

Seungsook Moon’s article, “Begetting the Nation,” discusses Park Chung Hee’s military dictatorship’s appropriation of various neo-Confucian ideological values and tenets that are based upon, maintains, and promotes gender inequality. It has been argued by film scholars that South Korean films from the post-Korean war era, including The Coachman, deal with the issue of “the crisis of patriarchy.” Focusing on 2 characters of your choosing from the film and citing 2-3 short examples (a scene, a dialogue, parts of plot/character development, etc.), first, analyze how the film’s construction of the characters and their trajectories are related to traditional Confucian gender ideologyand then draw conclusions as to how your chosen examples contribute to the film’s portrayal of “overcoming” of the crisis of patriarchy in relation to the larger issue of postcolonial nation building.

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