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application matrix fallacies


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Part I: Matrix

For each of the listed educational disciplines, identify examples of critical thought that fall into the following categories: critical thinking process, fallacies, arguments, and inductive and deductive reasoning. Please refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Example Applications Matrix, located in the Week Five section of the student website, for further clarification on assignment instructions.

Educational discipline

Critical-thinking process



Inductive and deductive reasoning

Language arts


Social studies



Physical education

Part II: Summary

Once you have completed your matrix, examine it carefully for connections among the disciplines; realize that all disciplines are interrelated. If you think critically, you can connect and integrate these disciplines, which helps you understand the subjects more fully, assists you in becoming a better teacher or trainer, and assists you in problem-solving situations. Based on your findings from your matrix, prepare at least a 350-700 word explanation of how critical thinking skills can be used to make connections across educational disciplines. Include the reasons it is important to integrate disciplines in research, in problem solving, and in the creative-thinking process.

Consider the following questions:

  • How can participating in a sport help me understand the laws of physics?
  • How can understanding the human body and the art of dance help me receive the maximum benefit from my daily workout?
  • How can I express or teach something without using words? Can the arts help teachers overcome language barriers?
  • Can literature help us understand history and offer suggestions to related current issues?
  • Does art offer suggestions on how our current history will be recorded?
  • Is it possible to solve an architectural dilemma by understanding the related disciplines of math, art, social science, literature, and science?
  • What problem do you currently have to solve?What disciplines and critical thinking skills would you use to solve that problem?

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