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Beliefs can sometimes be different when you are put into certain situations.

Janocha, Steven



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          Beliefs can sometimes be different when you are put into certain situations. Well in situation one for the general question I picked lying is sometimes justifiable which the philosopher says is inconsistent if telling the person that they are odd. The reason I would choose to tell them that yes you are odd is because you should never be ashamed of who you are. I would say I am little odd and I am not afraid nor ashamed of it I take it as a strength instead of a weakness its means I am different to other people. I don’t conform with what people call “normal” which gives me a leg up on them in my mind.

In situation two I said murdering a innocent person is always wrong, which it is 100%. But on the life boat I picked to save the many rather than sacrifice everyone. It said that I am no consistent with my views which of course a computer with no feelings or anything would choose that. If I had to kill someone to save many people course I would do it, but that doesn’t mean it is ok and I would have to live with that the rest of my life. But I would be comforted in the fact that all the other people at least got to survive.

In situation three I put that all human’s lives are equally worth saving which again just like the murdering innocent people everyone is equally worth saving. But in the liver transport part I picked to choose the 8yrs who would have died in a week. Which of course all the other people lives are worth something to. But the example didn’t say how sick everyone else or anything like that so maybe down the road the others would get a liver. Since the 8yr only had a week left I felt he deserved the liver because he was going to die without it. No one else’s example said they were going to die any time soon. The alcoholic unless they stopped drinking would get dropped from the list anything. The rich guy I would hope at least that his money wouldn’t matter on what the decision is, since he was last anyway he wouldn’t get it at any hospital. The 60yr old medical person their research could always get passed down to the assistant of the Doctor and here higher age to me she has lived a long and fulfilled life. The hard part for me was the single mother and 6 kids, the only thing that pushed me away from her and to the 8yr old was the fact again that the 8yr was going to die in a week.

This excise to me was very limited and didn’t take into account all the outside factors when choosing between life and death or something as basic as lying for a general good. My values and morals are still the same and I did not agree with any of the feedback I got back. Once you’ve actually had to make hard decision like that one realizes there is a lot more to make chooses then a simple example ask of us.

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