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Burying the Living with the Dead Conceptual Question

A conceptual question is a question proposed by the student after reading/viewing the assigned materials. The conceptual question examines issues of social, gender, culture, race, history or discourse aspect that appeared during your reading and it can dialogue with other reading we’ve discussed.

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  • The Walking Dead – Season 2: Episodes 1, 7 and 12
  • The Walking Dead – Season 3: Episode 4

Reading assignment is for today

  • “We are All Infected -Introduction” p. 3-28 by Dawn Keetley and
  • “Burying the living with the Dead: Security, Survival and the Sanction of Violence.” p. 28-41 by Steven Pokornowski

You can write less than 300 words for this question, and another 200 words to reply another my classmate’s work which is below.

In “Burying the Living with the Dead: Security, Survival, the Sanction of Violence,” Steven Pokornowski discusses the reflection of post-9/11 America in AMC’s The Walking Dead. He covers the effects of Carl growing up in the post-apocalyptic world and seeing death and violence as normal. Are there larger social and cultural impacts to raising a child today in the post-9/11 world, considering perhaps threats to schools and active shooter drills?

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