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Business Communication Test2

What is bias free language?  Pay particular attention to gender, age, ethnicity and disability bias.-What is the difference in formal and informal research?

-When grouping ideas should you use the direct or indirect method, why?

-What is the difference in a phrase and a clause?

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-Look at slide 21  and determine what is the best sentence length for 100% comprehension.

-Be familiar with the terms emphatic an unemphatic, vivid and labeling regarding words you use to communicate

-When should I use active versus passive voice. (Hint in business we use active a lot more than passive)

-What are the three types of paragraphs

Chapter 6 notes

-What is a flabby expression and why is it bad

-what is redundancy in business communications? Do not use trite phrases or cliches in business writing

-why are margins and why space important in business writing is it advisable to use graphic highlighting and underlining in  business document (think readability)

-Look at slide 28 and be sure you know what Flesh-Kincaid is and how do I show this in a Word document.

Below are three actual questions from your upcoming test.  Look up the answers and do not answer these three incorrectly.

1. The best business writing is purposeful, persuasive, economical, and ____________

2. Probably the most useful word processing editing tool for collaborative writing is ____. This tool makes it possible to point out problematic passages or errors, ask or answer questions, and share ideas without changing or adding text.

3. Which of the following sentences avoids use of trite expressions? 

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