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case study blackrocks craft brewing

The case is based on a small craft brew house in transition from start-up to success. Start by reading the article titled: Blackrocks: Craft brewing – from hobby to business: Applying strategic management to the small firm. Once you have read the article by Gnauck, Hart, and Pagel, read the article titled: Guidelines for applying Porter’s five forces framework: A set of industry analysis templates. This article will provide insights on how to apply Porter’s five forces to the Blackrocks case. Review your notes about SWOT analysis from readings in your text. Then begin the writing process. Reference all the above while writing up your case.

Part 1 Background Analysis: in this section you compile, and review background information related to the organization. Your goal is to gather facts – not to assess (assessment comes later in part3). Your text provides background on each item listed below – be sure to review this material to enhance your understanding.

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1. Describe the target market?

2. Describe Blackrocks mission – for more on mission?

3. Describe the organizational structure? Who is in charge?

4. Who are the competitors? Describe them?

5. What is the company’s market niche (competitive advantage)?

Part 2 Strategic Analysis: In this section you apply two tools from class – this is the heart of your case. Review SWOT and Five Forces in your text before starting your narrative. Take your time – be thoughtful and demonstrate critical thinking.

6. What are the organizations Strengths & Weaknesses (internal), Opportunities & Threats (external)? Please complete the SWOT analysis including narrative explaining your findings. Inclusion of a SWOT chart results in additional points.

7. Apply Porter’s Five Forces using Dobb’s article for guidance. Inclusion of a five forces chart results in additional points.

Part 3 Recommendations: Here you write up recommendations for strengthening the business based on your background analysis and findings from your strategic analysis (SWOT and Five Forces). This requires you to

8. Provide at least three specific recommendations for how Blackrocks should proceed in strengthening the business. Be sure to support your recommendations by linking each with evidence discovered in part I and part 2 above. Make sure your recommendations are based on your SWOT and Five Forces – there must be a link.

Note: You may have to do additional web research specific to the industry discussed in the case when completing the five forces analysis – be sure to plan accordingly. Please answer these questions in narrative not bullet form. Please use graphics as well as narrative when communicating your application of Porter’s five forces and when completing your SWOT analysis. Weave your answers into a thoughtful paper. Take your time and thoroughly proof read and edit your writing prior to submitting. Paper Format: your paper must be typed and edited. Total Length: 6-8 pages including a cover page, 4-6 pages of content, works cited Font Size: 12-point font Line Spacing: Space and a half Margin: 1” maximum (L an R)

Page Numbers: Bottom of page, center, starting on page 2

1. Cover Page Includes: Student Name, Professor’s Name, Class, Assignment, and Due Date

2. Introduction (Use Heading) Your introduction provides the reader with the overarching perspective you will share throughout your paper. Tell the reader what your paper is about.

3. Background & Strategic Analysis (Use Heading) This is where you weave answers to the questions listed above into your paper. Make sure this section progresses logically from one paragraph to the next. An easy way to assure you maintain logical progression is to write up this section of the paper and analyze the content of each paragraph to confirm that the main points in one paragraph link with or properly set up the very next one. A well written paper flows from one paragraph to the next with intention and clarity.

4. Recommendations & Conclusion (Use Heading) Review the highlights of the points you made in the body of your quick response. Make a final point or recommendation. This is where you restate your overarching perspective and make clear the link between the content provided in the body of the paper (as evidence) and your final perspective.

5. Works Cited Page (Proper MLA format is required)


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