information systems infrastructure evolution and trends 4

Select a topic from the following list on which you would like to conduct an in-depth investigation.

The research paper is valued at 100 points:

• Information systems infrastructure: evolution and trends

• Strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations

• Big data and its business impacts

• Managerial issues of a networked organization

• Emerging enterprise network applications

• Mobile computing and its business implications

Note: The above topics are also the basis of the discussion questions.

You may use up to three resources found by yourself or your peers as peers as resources for the paper.

Research paper basics:

• 10-12 pages in length

• APA formatted

• Minimum six (6) sources – at least two (2) from peer reviewed journals

• Include an abstract, introduction, and conclusion

cohabitation yes or no

Write a one-page paper on the following topic:

Your close friends, Alex and Meredith, have been dating for nearly two years. They have talked about marriage for several months but wonder if they should test their relationship and get used to living together first. The couple has come to you for advice. Using research in the text to support your answer, what would you tell Alex and Meredith about cohabitation? Based on the available research, would you recommend that the couple proceed with a trial marriage? Why or why not?

the hw in excel document there are three basic data 1

The HW in Excel document. There are three basic data sets on three sheets and each one has multiple questions. Follow the instructions and answer all questions I ask. Make it easy for me to grade and interpret your understanding of the material. In other words, make it look professional as opposed to hastily done.

Check your work and calculations to make sure they make sense, for example negative probabilities are a sure sign something is wrong.

Please review the test and let me know if you find some error or mis-communication.

I want it 100% right

discussion 1892


Hope you are doing well,

I need answer for Discussion, It should be in Approximately 300 words . Answer the questions below follow APA guidlines . 3 references per reviewed articles.

Discussion Question: Discuss the concept of Brand Extension.Is it dangerous to brands or important for brand extensions can endanger brands?.

Subject Name is: Marketing Management.

social inequality 2

Why? Use terms and ideas from the social conflict and/or structural functionalist perspective in your answer. Your response should be about one double-spaced page.

after a semester of looking at different genres of literature what ties do you observes between life and the art of the written word select a theme or issue and at least two works of literature be it poem story or play etc to illustrate this con

Final Research Paper


Format: MLA format with a MLA annotated works cited page

Length: minimum 6-8 pages typed

Font and Spacing: Times New Roman 12pt, Double Spaced

References: Use at least 4 sources.


After a semester of looking at different genres of literature, what ties do you observes between life and the art of the written word. Select a theme or issue and at least two works of literature, be it poem, story, or play, etc., to illustrate this connection.


– Define Literature in your introduction. Reflect of its importance. Feel free to quote someone else’s definition, but be sure to reference MLA style. (1/2 -1 page)

– Select an issue or aspect of life that you will be focusing on. Then select at least two works of literature, i.e. poems, plays, songs, stories, or films. Spend time detailing and reflecting on the theme or issue. How is your topic important to the overall human experience? (1-2 pages)

– Next, discuss the works of literature you have selected. Engage them critically; do not just summarize them. Think about what does each piece say about your topic and how it conveys its message. Why are these pieces important? How does the work of art expand and complicate its theme? Does the work tell us something new? (1 1/2 – 2 pages per work of literature)(3-4 pages total)

– Consider the themes of the works. – For your conclusion, what is the overall connection of literature and life? What can we learn from each work? Why do we care about the theme of the words? How do these works of literature, and literature in general, enrich the human condition and experience? (1/2-1 page)

Sample Outline

I. Introduction

A. Literature

1. What is Literature?

2. How does it connect to life?

II. Theme

1.Identify the Theme

2.Why is the theme you selected important?

III.Works of Art

1.Mention the works of Art


IV. Work of Art #1

A.Support #1

B.Support #2

V.Work of Art #2

A. Support #1

B. Support #2

VI. Connections

VII. Conclusion

job application 2

I have an assignment which is requiring all student to fill out a job application , to just give you a hint it is almost as fill in the blank type application and it shouldn’t take a long time.More information will be given to the assigned tutor

healthcare emergency management discussion board question 10

The assignment:

Develop a hospital emergency management committee. How is it structured?

What is their purpose and responsibilities?

Who should be on your EMC and why?


What do you envision when you hear the term Emergency Management Committee? Who sits in the chairs? Who SHOULD sit in the chairs? Speaking of chairs, who occupies the Chair’s chair? What qualifications should the members have? What is the EMC expected to do? Once again, this entity is far different today than it was in the early days of the hospital Disaster Committee.

Week Objectives:

Describe how to develop a healthcare emergency management committee.

Understand the roles and responsibilities of a healthcare emergency management committee.

Review the standards requirements regarding who should be included on EM Committees and discuss (ie; TJC, ACS Trauma Regs).

Reference to appropriate authoritative resources and official websites. Must be accessible online. Use New Times Roman 12 font with 1” margins and APA style. The answer should be at least 400 words.

I attached 2 co-students examples, but do your original work. Also, the primary book attached.

write a short summary of the key issues relating to the tow topics 1000 words

Sustainability accounting and reporting in emerging economies 500 words

Hedging 500 words

read a book and write an essay

It has been asked for us to write 2-3 long essay paper answering some questions about the book.

I uploaded the book for you also if said there give a quote provide one

for question 3 I want to take a position our instructor prefer to be yes

one more thing I want you to connect question 1 to Martin Luther King

and as I told you please try to take all the info from the book, not internet

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