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Central Texas College Affirmative Action and 14th Amendment Paper

Directions: Select one (1) of the topics listed on pages 2 and 3. Write a four- to five-page paper clearly and cogently answering the question or questions posed.

All questions require you to craft a well-edited and balanced analysis of the subject. Arguments should be clear, specific, and backed up by solid research (studies, statistics, specific examples, and logic). Make sure to include the best arguments on both sides of the question even if you ultimately disagree with some of them. Your paper should include a minimum of six (6) sources, half of which should be available in print. Refer to your syllabus for a more detailed discussion of paper guidelines before you begin writing. Any references or quotes should be clearly indicated with endnotes using any commonly accepted system of citation (MLA preferred).

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Make sure to include a concise statement of your thesis in the introductory paragraph and reach an equally clear conclusion in your final paragraph. “I don’t know” or “it’s very complex” are not satisfactory conclusions. You should write in a professional and persuasive voice, avoiding the use of “I” and mushy feelings. Imagine that you are an aide writing a memorandum for a government official. A paper this brief requires that every word counts and every sentence is important, as you will be (or should be) packing large amounts of information in a relatively brief space. Grammar and spelling should be flawless, so I strongly suggest you use the spell-and-grammar tool in your software or seek advice from the gifted individuals who staff our



. Research and reflect carefully before beginning to write. You may use either 1.5 or double spacing in your paper. The page requirement/limit does NOT include your bibliography or works cited page. You may include either footnotes or endnotes in your paper. The latter, also, will not be counted against your page limit.

The policy of affirmative action in hiring and university admissions is a controversial one.

How can you reconcile this practice, if at all, with the 14th Amendment’s requirement that all persons receive “equal protection of the laws”? State the strongest arguments both for and against affirmative action, but don’t be a fence-sitter. Is/should affirmative action constitutional (legal) or not?

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