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choose one of the following brands that you would like to conduct a brand audit on fitbit new era cap company rogue fitness lulu lemon tapout or asics

Part I – Brand Definition (15 points):

Discuss your chosen brand’s levels of brand awareness and their brand associations

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Ask a group of at least 20 people to:

List companies that are part of your brands product category – will help you understand awareness and measure “top of mind” awareness in comparison to other companies in the category

A. You should then report these results and comment on awareness levels versus competitors (these results should be an excel sheet attached to the back of your paper). Additionally, attach the questions you are asking these participants. Failure to provide results will result in a zero on this portion of the paper.

Identify the brand’s associations

A. You should then report these results and discuss if you feel the associations are favorable and unique. This would be a great area to create an association map (this is not included in your 4-6 pages)

Part II – Brand Inventory (20 points):

Discuss how the brand is being managed

A. What does the brand include?

1. What products/services are offered under the brand name?

a. Any brand/line extensions or co-branding?

How has the brand been built/leveraged: How are they trying to build positive brand equity?

A. Discuss what marketing activities they engage in

B. What associations are stressed in these activities?

C. How do they differ from brands in their space?

Part III – Brand Recommendations (15 points):

Discuss in detail how the brand should be managed in the future

A. Discuss what changes you would make to their current brand management strategies/tactics AND what recommendations you have to BOTH:

1. Products/Services offered

2. Marketing/Brand Building activities

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