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Compare and Contrast Essays

What are Compare and Contrast Essays?

Compare and contrast essays is an analysis of two or more subjects. A comparison of the similarities and contrast of differences is discussed between two or more subjects that are connected in a meaningful way.

The objective of compare and contrast essays is not to state the obvious but rather to find the minute differences and, unknown and unexpected similarities.

Let us take a small example here. Suppose you have to prepare a compare and contrast essay on the topic ‘Growing up in a nuclear family, v/s growing up in a joint family’ The essay should explore sub-topics on similarities, for instance, the presence of immediate relations (parents, siblings, etc). Additionally, it should discuss the differences like the social and emotional connection with grandparents, etc.

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 Building a Compare and Contrast Essay

To build a compare and contrast essay it is very important to choose subjects that have some relevance to each other. Compare the similarities that exist in 2 distinct but comparable topics. The similarities can vary in nature, scope, degree, and magnitude. The only rule of thumb is that some commonalities must exist.

The similarities, thus, become the basis of comparison. The other part discusses the contrast. As the name suggests, contrast refers to differences between the subjects in hand. As two unique topics of discussion, these subjects will have ample differences to discuss and elucidate. Therefore, compare and contrast essays are all about understanding and highlighting what is common and what is different between two topics.

How to pick Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Picking the right compare and contrast topics could be tricky at times as comparing two subjects that have nothing in common or subjects that are not related to each other in any way makes no sense at all. However, choosing identical subjects won’t work as well. In a situation like this, you will be unable to distinguish between the two.

For example, if you pick 2 subjects like “ Importance of Exercise”, “Rapid growth of E-commerce Websites”, or if we choose 2 subjects like “Importance of exercise” and “How physical activity can improve your health”, building a comparison and contrast essay for subjects like these is next to impossible. The reason simply is that these two subjects can neither be compared nor be contrasted.

Write a Winning Essay

Before writing an essay it is very important to think about what you are going to write and make a proper road map of how you are going to explain each point and in what sequence you are going to write your essay.

Break your essay into a proper section. Introduce your essay by highlighting why you think the subjects at hand should be compared and contrasted. Following this next would be to deal with the two sections on comparison and contrast. Again, divide these broader sections into subsections grouping together various categories of similarities and differences. also helps you to write a Winning Essay

Use facts and figures to prove your points and make the essay reading more authentic. Give examples or stories which demonstrate the authenticity of your points. Be clear with what you want to write, do not write ambiguous statements. If you are clear about how the two or more subjects in hand are related and how they are similar or different from another, writing a compare and contrast essay will be a piece of cake for you.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022

At this point, it might be a good idea to take a sneak peek into the top Compare and contrast essay writing topics for 2021. Make sure to pick a topic that you can build both sides on. Simply focusing on either comparison or contrast will not solve your purpose.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 on Healthcare

Free Health Care and Paid Health Care

Vaccination vs Medication

Compare two different roles in the field (nurse to doctor)

Osteopathic and allopathic medicine: similarities and differences.

Does the city need mobile first aid stations, or are there enough local hospitals

Where is the best possible care for the sick – at home or in the hospital?

Canadian Health Care and American Health Care

Female vs male doctors

Operations vs. therapeutic cancer curing.

Should Vaccinations be made mandatory?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2021 on Technology

Mac OS vs Windows

Spotify vs Apple Music

Social Media: Positive impact or negative impact

Twitter vs Instagram

Contrasting Features in Different Generations of Intel Processors

Buying things online VS Buying things at a shopping mall

Video Conference vs In-person meeting

Apple or Google Pixel

Machine learning or deep learning

Comparison of different cloud services

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 in College

E-learning vs Classroom Learning

School vs. College: What’s New?

Students, Who Work Vs Unemployed Students: Who Takes the Best of This Life?

Research Paper and Essay: What Is More Responsible?

Comparing Life with Parents to Living on Campus

Part-Time Jobs Vs Seasonal Jobs

Traditional classes vs Online course

Bachelor’s Degree vs Associate degree

College vs Job

Fiction vs NonFiction

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 in Economy

Do I need to study economics for business research or not

Economic growth is important to improve life or not

Importance of understanding economics vs no need

Economics and Management: Similarities and differences

Economy vs Economics

Economics or business studies

Economic upliftment vs better standard of living

Economic growth or per capita income

Rich and poor: differences and similarities


Topics for 2022 in Politics

Which is better: Free trade or certified trade?

Fascism vs Nazism

Republicans vs Democrats

Lincoln vs Washington

Autocracy vs Democracy

Oratory or Agenda in Politics

Christian vs Islamic political thoughts

Use of Technology in Politics

American Government vs Soviet government

Socialism vs communism

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 in Education

Ebooks vs Paper Textbooks

Facts vs Truth

Modern and Ancient Philosophers

Homework help online or home tuitions

Indian vs American education system

Difference between Ph.D. and Master’s Degree

Oral learning vs written learning

After school job or internship

Vocational education vs academic education

Biology Vs Chemistry

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 on Sports

Chess vs Checkers

Aikido vs Judo

Roger Fedrer or Rafel Nadal

Ice climbing vs Traditional climbing

Early morning workout vs late night workout

Ballet Vs Breakdance

American soccer vs basketball

Ronaldo vs Messi

Gymming vs sports

Indigenous sports or modern sports

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Natural Sciences

Similarities between Jupiter and Saturn

Physics vs anatomy

Fossil & nuclear energy

The correlation between science and technology

Disputable scientific claims

The difference between the sun & moon

Is it possible to live on other planets?

Are hurricanes more dangerous than tornadoes?

Can people apply theories in physics to interpret every life aspect?

Which type of natural disaster does more harm: earthquake vs tsunami

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022 on Teenagers

University or College: Which is better?

Life in high school vs life in college

Online tuitions or home tuitions

Acting vs Lying

Parental control vs Complete Freedom

Spending money on education vs spending money on fun

Math vs English: which class is easier?

Childhood vs Adulthood

Extracurricular activities vs academics

Boys vs girls: differences in behavior

Other Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2022

Virtual friends vs real friends

Judaism Vs Christianity

The way how people live in: Asia vs Europe

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

Are aliens real or not?

Pizza or Burger?

Comic books vs Tv shows

Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Harry Potter: Book vs Movie

Summer vs Winter

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