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Contemporary Issues in Financial Management

You are expected to conduct research on one financial management issue (for instance, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, debt versus equity financing, payout policies, issues of bonds, etc.). Based on your research, select one issue and an organization that has created a financial management strategy to manage this issue. Please evaluate the impact of the selected issue on the selected organization. Prepare an 6 page paper, and remember to adhere to APA format standards.

Please address the evaluation on the following items:

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  • Describe your selected issue.
  • Describe the financial strategy that your selected organization has created to manage your selected contemporary issue.
  • Assess the impact of corporate governance and ethical issues on the organization’s strategy.
  • Evaluate the financial situation of the organization prior to any action taking place.
  • Assess the financial situation after the action was taken.
  • Was the organization successful in managing the selected issue? Why or why not?

You must follow the format below for your written paper:

Title: The title is a concise statement of the subject of the paper.

Abstract: The abstract is an “executive overview” of your paper. It should be a 50- to 100-word summary that would be appropriate to give your manager so that he/she would know the essence of your project without reading the paper in its entirety.

Table of Contents: In this section, list each section of your paper, with the page number. The list should include:

  • Tables and figures if you included more than two
  • Appendices, if included
  • Reference section listing sources used

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