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course research paper 2

A 15-20 page research paper will be required for this course. The paper will be an organizational analysis of an approved security organization.

An example of an organizational analysis would be imagining that you are the security director of an organization — real or imagined. It would

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include a thorough description of the organization. This would be followed by a discussion of the good, the bad, and the ugly of that set up and a

description of what would make the organization better. As the person in charge and with sufficient funding available, describe changes you

would make to ensure that the people and other assets of the organization were afforded adequate protection.

Note. Students should provide an outline of the Course Research Paper by Week 4 to ensure appropriateness of topic and clarity of

understanding of that assignment. This paper is to be provided to the instructor (posted in Assignments) no later than the end of Week 8. A copy

should also to be made available to each member of the class (in Discussions). The 15-20 pages are exclusive of the title, executive

summary, table of contents, and bibliography. The student could consider this paper as potentially an element in a larger “publication” which

he/she may be preparing.

Elements of the Course Research Paper:

Include an Executive Summary of approximately 1 page in length.

Describe a security operation/organization. This may be the security directorate of a major corporation, military activity, guard force

management business, or similar program.

Describe the security mission, roles, and responsibilities. Include a description of the corporate leadership, Board of Directors, etc.

Provide a budget to clearly indicate where and why the company’s money should be spent. Be prepared to justify the budget to whomever

holds the purse strings. Describe how the security program enhances corporate revenue.

Provide an explanation of the manpower requirements and associated costs for the security organization.

Describe the use of proprietary vs. outsourced efforts.

What threats and vulnerabilities are applicable to the organization?

Describe sensors, alarms, and entry control required for the facility.

Indicate what it is about your program management that enhances the overall corporation business environment. Another way to view this

item is to explain why and to what extent your organization is an asset rather than a liability to the corporation..

Conclude with a discussion of management principles/theories from which the organization would benefit, if they were implemented.

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