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CUNY Health Care Disparities Affecting Maternal Outcomes Among Minority Women.



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EBP question/problem statement narrative

General information/instructions re this assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to assist students in the process of identifying the components of a well-worded clinical question, and to enable them to frame such a question for their EBP/Research project.

Please use APA

Structure and content of your paper

Clarity & conciseness of writing

Mechanics of style

AND, of course, citations and references

As per syllabus: The Research or EBP question/problem statement is a paper describing the research or evidence-based practice question using a PICOTS framework that includes: the Patient, population and problem; the Intervention or approach that is being examined (interventions, education, and/or best practices,); what is the Comparison (current practice or another intervention); Outcomes what the expected outcomes are from the implementation of the intervention including how it will be measured; Type or Time frame (as necessary); and, Setting (View the video clips below: and This paper will also include a brief discussion of why this question is of importance to nursing practice.

The attached table will help to get you started

References should be used, cited and listed in APA format. Note that the process of identifying a clinical question often takes time to develop and refine!




Problem deals with an important & timely issue appropriate to the practice of a Registered Nurse.

Introductory/background paragraph is clear, well-constructed

Clear & concise problem statement include. focus, current practice, how problem was identified

Sources of evidence are provided for scope & significance of problem

PICOT components are discussed

List and describe PICOT (see above and refer to your text); look on-line as well for additional information. and

Initial EBP question is clear & answerable

Writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation, word use (professional, scientific)

APA formatting for citations & references

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