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Discuss a specific leader or leaders in a graduate level term paper for my Ethical Mgt and Ldshp class

This is a graduate level class, so be sure to write the term paper at a graduated level !

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You need to choose a topic which is thoughtful and not overly general. The paper must be in full APA format, clearly applying at least three theories from the course and contain good references. It is a good idea to anchor the discussion by using a specific leader or leaders for exemplification. However, do NOT use a US President, general, or admiral for this purpose. The overwhelming tendency is to over idolize them. Leaders have warts too. Then, when these become visible, people imagine that there must be no good in them at all. (As an example of this, you might look at recent articles on the BBC website on the career and decisions of Winston Churchill.) A business leader is the best choice, but be sure you can get enough information (even anecdotal) to discuss and evaluate her/his style. Historical figures are often well recorded and discussed, but you must be careful in interpreting observations from another culture and time.

Literary people often say that bad guys are more fun that good guys. This may be true in leadership also. Non Western leadership also remains a good area to look at. Leaders out of the mainstream – e.g., Indian chiefs, mob bosses – may make good focal subjects.

Finally, let me humbly throw out one last suggestion concerning a source of topics. Failures of leadership also make good topics. E.g., the world is now celebrating the centennial of the greatest failure of leadership in history – The First World War. (There have been hundreds of reenactments and events in Europe already.) Study of this colossal failure, and the subfailures behind it, continue to fascinate researchers to this day. The events and leaders could be the focus of any number of  fine papers. Incidentally, these failures were not just political and military. The era was also ripe with practical and moral failures in business.

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