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discussion post 478

Focus on these online discussion questions using the case study

. You should choose either Executing or Controlling group of questions:

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Executing Group:

  1. Discuss how you can effectively make trade off
  2. How can you convince the business to accept a more realistic match rate?
  3. The project is experiencing a number of significant delays due to stakeholder involvement. What can you do to address stakeholder needs but also accelerate project progress?
  4. Change is another area of concern. What can you do to better define the integrated change process so all parties can agree when to invoke the change process?
  5. The suspicion of vendor bias is increasing. What should you do to ease this suspicion or to address it?

Controlling Group:

  1. On what basis should you welcome or resist a project audit?
  2. Assuming you are against the project audit, how can you assure Mr. Zhang that the project is being properly monitored and controlled?
  3. Assuming you are for the project audit, should you recommend an internal or external audit? Discusses the pros and cons of each.
  4. What are the benefits that you envision as a result of the project audit?
  5. Centaura offered to perform the project audit for a very reasonable fee, and Mr. Zhang almost agreed before you and Ms. Holmes objected. What is your rationale for rejecting Centaura as the auditor?

Remember, you only need to select and answer 3 prompts for this week’s discussion.

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