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ENG4010 Sullivan College Challenges of Radical Change Executive Summary



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CASE #3 (THE CHALLENGES OF RADICAL CHANGE) Dick Leeds of Leeds and Associates has hired you as outside consultants to help with the solutions needed to make the Personnel Services installation of the ATS system work.You are presenting your report/findings and solutions to Mr. Leeds, President and Founder, and the (nameless) young man at Leeds who is charged with accomplishing the task.

  • This is a research paper using all the rules for academic writing: APA format, proper citations, research, “proof of arguments” made as well as solutions suggested. As this is a course in communications, all the case studies should have this theme. There are communication breakdowns that are causing the problems the company is experiencing. Be sure to use your text (Language in Thought and Action) as well as class notes, lectures, and outside inquiries.

If someone in your group has had a similar experience, you may interview him/her but must give credit when writing the final report. The final report is not an “I” paper but the collective (we) report of a team that has been assembled from the selected consulting company. Please read the scenarios given below.

  • It is expected that all grammatical form, punctuation, paragraph formation (etc. etc.) will be exemplary. Your best English mechanics’ skills will be considered in the final grade. I cannot emphasize enough that all syntax should be correct.In “real” business nothing else is acceptable.
  • It must be typed in 12 pt. and double spaced per APA rules and following the APA format for setting up a paper or report.

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