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english 1340

  • Extended Definition Infographic Assignment Sheet & Rubric

    Attached Files:

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    Sample Extended Definition Infographic Projects

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    • These are two student projects from Fall 2018. Both are very strong, but you should use these as inspiration/motivation, not as an example of a perfect project
    • I provided the infographic, justification memo, and audience analysis for each
    • Do not copy and paste or paraphrase from any of these documents. That will constitute plagiarism, and you will earn a 0 on the project.
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    linked itemW6: Infographics & Topic Brainstorming

    1. Do you have any experience with infographics? Have you used them or made them before?
    2. Find 2-3 online resources that help you better understand what an infographic is. These can be articles, examples of infographics, tutorials, videos, etc. Post links to the resources (make sure the links are clickable!). Explain what you found useful about this resource or example.
    3. Identify 3-5 possible concepts related to your major, career, and/or hobbies you have that you could define in this project. For each concept, identify why you think this concept is worth focusing on. Is it confusing or complex? Is it used often? Is it a new concept? You don’t have to choose your concept yet, but having concepts in mind as you move into the next activities will be useful.
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    Read: Ch. 20 in TC

    Read the “Writing Definitions” portion of Ch. 20 in TC. This is the first section of the chapter. You do not need to read about Writing Descriptions or Writing Instructions.Focus on:

    • Writing effective sentence definitions. All good extended definitions begin with a sentence defintion.
    • Ways of Extended a Definition
      • Graphics
      • Examples
      • Partition
      • Principle of Operation
      • Comparison and Contrast
      • Analogy
      • Negation
      • Etymology
  • Test

    RC5: Ch. 20

    This RC covers material from the “Writing Definitions” section of Ch. 20 in TC. You have 15 minutes to complete the RC.

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    Audience Analysis Sheet – Extended Definition

    Attached Files:

    Once you’ve chosen a concept to define, you will focus on a specific audience and purpose for that concept. Completing the attached Audience Analysis will help you cater your definition to your audience and purpose.Notice how choosing a different audience or purpose for the concepts below will lead to a different infographic project:

      Concept Audience(s) Purpose Where it could be published
      Plagiarism Students at PGCC Define what plagiarism is and how to avoid it English course Blackboard sites
      Plagiarism Non-English faculty at PGCC Define what plagiarism is and how to help students avoid it Handout for faculty
      Plagiarism Students Define what plagiarism is and what the punishments are Online Student Handbook
      Chemotherapy Introductory medical students Help students understand the science of chemotherapy Textbook
      Chemotherapy Patients Help patients understand what chemo is and what they can
      expect during their treatment
      Medical office (oncologist)
      Chemotherapy Families of patients Help patients’ families understand what to expect as their
      loved one goes through chemo and how to help them
      Website for caregivers
    • Item

      Reading: Ch. 11 & 12 in TC

      Chapter 11 (“Designing Print & Online Documents”) in Technical Communition will help you understand how to plan and design your extended definition in a way that is useful and appealing to your intended audience. You are responsible only for the following sections of the chapter:

      • Goals of Document Design
      • Planning the Design of Print and Online Documents (analyze your audience and purpose)
      • Understanding Design Principles (proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast)
      • Designing Print Pages (understanding learning theory and page design, page layout, columns, typography, titles and headings, other design features)

      Chapter 12 (“Creating Graphics”) in Technical Communition will help you understand how graphics help us communicate more effectively.Pay close attention to these parts of the chapter:

      • The Functions of Graphics
      • The Characteristics of an Effective Graphic
      • Using Color Effectively
      • Infographics/Guidelines for Creating Effective Infographics
    • Test

      RC6: Ch. 11 & 12

      RC6 covers material from Chs. 11 & 12 in TC.

    • Course Link

      linked itemW7: Audience Analysis

      1. Post your completed Audience Analysis sheet for the Extended Definition Infographic. Copy & paste the table; do not attach a document.
      2. In this week’s peer responses, give feedback on how your peers could add more or different information to their Audience Analysis to ensure it serves as an effective prewriting tool for the Infographic. Focus on areas such as:
        • Does the audience seem specific enough and appropriate for the concept chosen?
        • Do the design ideas seem appropriate for the concept, audience, and purpose? What other design guidelines, from Ch. 11 & 12, do you recommend they keep in mind?
        • Does the student identify 3+ “Ways of Extending a Definition” they will use, explaining why each is useful for their concept, audience, and purpose? The specific “Ways of Extending a Definition” come from Ch. 20
    • Item

      Read Ch. 14 (“Writing Memos” only) & Begin Justification Memo

      This reading will help you with the Justification Memo component of the Extended Definition Infographic project. You only need to focus on pp. 376-378 in Ch. 14 (section titled “Writing Memos”).

      • Compare the sample student Justification Memos to the textbook memo samples to get ideas for your own Justification Memo
      • Revisit the Extended Definition Infographic assignment sheet and rubric for memo content requirements
      • Your completed Audience Analysis sheet will also help you with content in the Justification Memo

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