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Entrepreneurship Assignment MGT 123 B, business and finance homework help

Entrepreneurship Assignment

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MGT 123 B

There are 4 preliminary steps to this assignment:

1.  Pick an entrepreneur you personally admire – someone who’s currently engaged in business activities or someone who’s a historical figure.  For example, you could choose:

Walt Disney

Richard Branson (Virgin Group)

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Oprah Winfrey

Milton Hershey (chocolate!!)

Prudencio Unanue(Goya)

Sara Blakely (Spanx) 

J. W. Marriott, Jr. 

Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Larry Page/Sergey Brin (Google)  

Ariana Huffington (HuffPost)

Steve Jobs

Travis Kalanick (Uber)

Martha Stewart

Sam Walton (Walmart)

If you are having trouble finding someone here are a couple of lists: 




Your selection does not need to be a US based business person (i.e. Richard Branson), but must have US based operations.

2.  Find out about the entrepreneur – read an article in a business magazine/newspaper or a book.  Make sure it’s long enough or add another article.  You can also watch a TV program on your entrepreneur if one is available (no quickie YouTube videos – full length only).  Reading your person’s information on Wikipedia is NOT appropriate – surprised?   

NOTE:  You may be able to find a chapter in a book that would work.  Ex:  The Greatest Business Decisions of All Timeby Fortune.

3.  Read an article on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  Examples:

·  Entrepreneur Magazine:  25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs by James Stephenson,

·  12 Essential Characteristics of  an Entrepreneur, by ActionCOACH, 

·  Inc. Magazine:  10 Secrets of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur, by Naveen Jain,

You can use any of these articles or find your own (subject to my approval).

4.  Take a quiz on whether you would be a good candidate to be an entrepreneur.  The URL for the quiz is:  Print out your results.  If you have any trouble accessing this quiz let me know and I can give you a written alternative.

I want to approve your choice of entrepreneur and both articles (for #2 and 3) before you jump into this project.  The information on your articles must be in APA format (you will need this later for your submission anyway), but I also want the URL if you found it online.  Your selections are due to me in the body of an email sent to (note personal email only) no later than Friday, January 22nd at 9:00 pm.  Meeting this requirement on time and as stated will be worth 10 of your 100 miscellaneous points.

Now that you’ve completed the background research, I want you to pull it all together in a written report.  This is not a research paper where you merely report what you learned.  This is a paper that requires you to take your research, analyze it, and express your insights and opinions in relation to the class material

Grading will be as follows:

Followed guidelines for paper content, length, formatting, attributions, bibliography, etc.

15 points

Summary of the background information on your entrepreneur – what did you learn about him/her and what made him/her successful?  Is there anything he/she could have done better/differently?

50 points 2page

Summary of your article on entrepreneurship – what does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?  Does this reflect what you learned about your entrepreneur?  Why or why not?

30 points 1page

Based on the material in your textbook book and from class, from what you learned about your entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, and your quiz on how suited you are to being an entrepreneur, do you think this is a path that you may take?  Why or why not?  Make sure you relate your thoughts to what you’ve learned, especially from the class/text.  Include insights from your entrepreneur quiz as well.

30 points 1

The paper should be a minimum of 4 pages (and I do mean at least 4 full pages or more), double line spacing, with 1 inch margin and using a normal 12 point font (Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Univers, etc).  Any “title” type information (your name, class, date, etc.) will not be counted as part of the 4 pages.  In other words, don’t substitute lengthy titles, big margins, extra lines for spacing or large fonts for actual paper content.   I expect footnotes or attributions as appropriate (APA style) throughout your paper and a bibliography – an executive summary would be wonderful. 

NOTE:  If you need help with APA formatting (including citations for online resources) here is a good website:  The MU library can also provide assistance on their website.

While there is an expectation of good business writing, grading will mainly be based on the content of your paper – your understanding, analysis and interpretation of entrepreneurship. 

And even though it should be obvious – if your paper is expected to be at least 4 pages long, and if each section is an equal to the points above, it would make sense that the summary on your entrepreneur would be about 2 pages and each of the 2 sections would be at least 1 page plus.  And PLEASE, organize your paper along these three sections and don’t make me look for your information.  Not only does it make me cranky, but I may miss things that would add to your grade.

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