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ethical essay 2

Write a 2-4 page essay( double spaced, size 12 font , Times New Roman) on one of the following topics.
1) Describe Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics

2) Describe Aquinas’ conception of the fundamental values; can natural law change? if so how so?

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3) Explain Mill’s account of quality of pleasure; how does his account differ from that of Bentham?

4) Explain the difference in Kant between acting in accord with duty and acting from duty; explain how this distinction relates to moral worth.

5) Compare and contrast Finnis with Tooley.

6) Compare and contrast Tooley with Marquis.

7) Compare and contrast Tooley with Thompson.

8)Discuss how the concept of person plays a role in the debate about abortion. Discuss the use of this concept in at least three of the authors studied in this section.

Proof read and cite all sources to avoid plagiarism.

Cite all sources with quotation marks for direct quotes and parenthetical references. Don’t place urls in the body of your paper; cite online sources by authors name or article title. Place urls at the end of the paper in the work cited page in standard form. Every student is encouraged to submit drafts of papers to for proofreading.

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