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Financial analysis of a publicly-held company – Ford, business and finance homework help

LP1 – Final Project

Part A:Financial analysis of a publicly-held company. We will use Ford’s latest consolidated and segment financial statements (form 10K) as filed with the SEC.  You will calculate the current ratio and profit margin for the company as a whole. You will also answer general questions relating to Ford’s business operations.

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Step 1:Locate Ford’s form 10K for the most current year.
1. Go to the SEC’s website:
2. Under Filings and Forms, go to “search for Company Filings”
3. Click on : Company or fund name, ticker symbol, CIK (Central Index Key), file number, state, country, or SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
4. The Ticker Symbol for Ford is F
5. Locate the form 10K for the latest year. Ford files its annual reports in February.    Note the interactive document does not provide all of the information. You will    need to open the form 10K.

Step 2:In the Discussion 1.4, share your answers to the following questions. Share where you found the answers with your classmates.
1. What are Ford’s 2 major segments?
2. What are the major 3 components associated with Ford’s profitability for cars and trucks?
3. Comment briefly (one paragraph) on Ford’s planning assumptions and key metrics share.
4. Comment briefly (one paragraph) on Ford’s Market for Common Equity, Related  Stockholder Matters and Issuer Purchases of Equity Securities.

Step 3:Calculate the current ratio and the profit margin for Ford . You may share your questions as well as your calculations with your classmates in Discussion 1.4.  It is useful to understand that you may have difference calculations due to differences in the formula for the ratio. Compare your answers to publicly-available information to see if your answers are close. Use any of the websites listed in the directions. Share your research with your classmates using Discussion 1.4. Be sure to use the consolidated financial statements.

Step 4:Summarize your findings in a word document. You will add to this document throughout the semester. Your final submission will include the results from part A – D.

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