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Georgia State University Generation Y Behaviors and Needs Discussion

I need one discussion response for…..250 words

As I call myself a Generation Y, it was difficult but necessary to reflect on behaviors and needs. Organization will need to adapt to the influx in creating welcoming atmospheres, since individuals are willing to leave an organization quickly. Hiring and firing cost more money than investing in an individual. As a generation y individual, we grew up with constant access to technology. One thing that I have seen organizations change is how we hire employees. We offer encourage someone to fill out an application online instead of in person. Individuals in the generation like instant gratification, as organizations how can we do this but also built them up to be great managers. We can set up quarterly, semester and annual goals for them. These goals need to be challenges and some that they cannot hit. This will help them grow from failure and opportunity.I believe every generation is vastly different that previous generations. Generation Y is known to have big expectations but not always knowing or valuing the steps involved in those expectations. Generation Y also do not expect to work for one company their entire lives which is different than Traditionalist, Baby Boomers and Generation X (Dorsey, 2016. I, personally am in the 30s and have worked for 3 different organizations.I believe Generation Y will need to make adjustments in their style and preferences to be successful in their careers. I believe Generation Y will need to be able to adjust to their supervisors’ needs and wants as they may be different generations. They will need to understand the importance of empowering and investing in their employees to keep them engaged in the organization, which means they also need to be engaged. They will need to differentiate between a supervisor and being a friend when they move up the ladder. If they are demanding of their supervisor’s time, that can lead to their employees demanding their time. (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013)

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One discussion response for………250 words

There will be some adjustments that organizations will have to do to accommodate the Generation Y workforce. I have been at my job for over eleven years, and within the past two, have noticed the introduction of foosball and ping pong tables. Back in the 1980s, when I started my career path, there would be no place in the work environment for what would be considered time wasters.
In addition to providing some extracurricular type activities, organizations need to explain the importance of tasks and projects to get the buy-in of Gen Y employees. Managers of Gen Y employees need to ensure they have clearly defined goals. Although not solely a requirement for Gen Y employees, feedback is essential. The difference between a Gen X and a Gen Y employee, when it comes to feedback is Gen Y wants immediate feedback on their work performance, whereas Gen X (which I can speak from experience) is happy with seeing the boss for feedback once/twice a year at most. (Yeaton, 2008)

The short overall answer would be no. Because someone approaches things differently, doesn’t necessarily mean they are a terrible employee or fundamentally wrong for doing so. Research on attitudes Gen Y employees have towards work have been only a small statistical difference between the generations. (Deal et al., 2010)

Per the Psychology Journal of Business and Psychology article Millennials at work: What we know and what we need to do (if anything) identify Baby Boomers and Gen X have similar views of the Gen Y that the Traditionalists had of the Baby Boomers. They are difficult to interact with, entitled, and overly service-focused. (Deal et al., 2010)

One difference research at traditional 4-year universities identified was millennials appear to have higher positive traits such as self-esteem and assertiveness. They also have negative traits like narcissism. There has been no formal (outside of academia) study looking at the deltas between the generations as it pertains to narcissism or assertiveness. (Deal et al., 2010)
One the question whether Gen Y works less than other generations, The Family and Work Institute found that present-day workers are working longer hours than in the past and essentially there was no difference between the hours Gen X worked when they were the same age as current Gen Y workers. (Deal et al., 2010)

It appears organizations have adapted and continue to work towards accommodating the Generation Y workforce. From a personal opinion, one thing that needs to change for them to be successful in their careers is the loyalty aspect towards the company. There may be a sense of loyalty to a manager, but they need to realize that there are good and bad managers and at times you have to salute smartly and press on. (Boomers and Millennials.., n.d.) By not staying at a company, promotion opportunities could be stagnant.

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