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Grossmont College Guidance for Safe Online Dating Report

The Social Media exercise in this section discusses online dating websites. According to some of these dating services, 20 percent of people currently in committed relationships met online. While using these dating websites may result in a positive experience, the Better Business Bureau and other consumer-oriented organizations receive thousands of complaints each year about these services. Online dating fraud is rising, so security experts caution online dating members to follow safe practices, including the following:

· Compose a profile carefully, and be certain it reflects the image you want to portray. Do not post your full name, phone number, or home or work location.

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· Use the service’s messaging system before sending email or text messages or having a phone conversation.

· When arranging a first date, meet in a safe location, such as a restaurant during a busy time of the day. Share your plans with a friend, and keep a mobile phone handy.

· Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, leave the location and call a friend.

Research This: Visit at least two websites providing advice for online dating members. What guidance is provided in addition to the four safe practices listed above? What behaviors may signal potentially dangerous situations? Where can members verify other members reputations? How can members report fraud and inappropriate behavior?

Write 300 words report for the above questions. Follow proper APA style for the report. You can read about APA rules under the Student Resources Tab.

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