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homework 9 4

•What do you think is the probability you will successfully complete your semester side project (meet your semester goals)?

–Put a hard number on this – 30%, 60%, 90%, etc.

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•Why do you believe this to be the case?

–Review in context of top 5 reasons for venture success and top 5 reasons for venture failure

My side project is learning cooking. I practice cooking every week and my goal is learning to cook 15 different kind of meals.

the probability i will successful is 70%

What can help me complete my side project

1. in order to not be hungry I need to cook everyday, which means I can practice everyday girlfriend can teach me, she is good cooker

3.I bought all the tools for cooking,

4.I can watch cooking videos online

5.I am full of confidence

What might make me fail the project

1.15 different meals is too much for a beginner cooker

2.The kind vegetables in the food market nearby our college is too little

3. Sometimes I feel tired to prepare the raw material before cook and clean the kitchen

4.The temptation form the restaurant made me want to just eat outside instead of cooking by myself

5.My girlfriend don’t believe I can complete this project, she think I need to change another thing to do. sneer from my girlfriend

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