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how instagram takes a toll on influencers brains 1

– the first thing i really want the outline .

– I want you to focus to this article read carefuly and write about it . i need good theses with support …. ?

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This is the article :…

– i need you to research 3 credible outside sources relating to the topic ( How Instagram takes a toll on influencers’ brains).

—- I need to follow these steps to get good grades .

1- Understanding the content from all sources.

2-ntroducing the topic at hand and why it matters.

3- Arguing/Asserting what you see in the relationships between or among the

sources (ie. Arguing whether other sources clarify, extend, and/or complicate the

base text’s argument , and considering why this is important.

4- Identifying different types of evidence in these outside sources

5- Evaluating and selecting the best evidence to cite

6- Citing information from outside sources in proper MLA format

7- Contextualizing each source cited identifying some of the claims

8- Synthesizing ideas and information from outside sources

9- Analyzing the evidence meaningfully through critical and/or inferential reflections

10- Constructing smooth transitions, strong topic sentences, and good flow/cohesion

11- Concluding in an original, insightful way that (1) unifies the major ideas presented in the essay and (2) integrates

your reflection on what you learned and to what extent these sources apply to the real world.

12- Applying proper punctuation, grammar, spelling, and mechanics through revision and support (the English Writer,

your instructor, etc.)

– i want 4-5 pages .

– i need to write only for this article only this website ;

“Base Text” Option #1: “How Instagram takes a toll on influencers’ brains”

by Jenni Gritters.Published in The Guardian .Jan. 8th, 2019.…


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