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HRMN 400 Week 2 DW 2. Please respond to student Sandy Orozco, management homework help

Discussion Two: Application

Knowing that EEO laws and regulations greatly impact the HR environment, share how job descriptions and job specifications serve HR toward compliance with the laws and regulations. Include at least two of the following major functions of HRM: organizational design, staffing, training, compensation and performance management.

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State and Federal laws and regulations are key aspects to all HR functions such as training and development, compensation, recruitment, organizational design, staffing, and performance management compliance. Job description and job specification are two types of data or information required to stablish a job analysis. When both the job description and specifications are done correctly and clearly they will help the organization and employees deal with any challenges, such as EEO matters. For example, training is an essential function for the success of an organization especially when dealing with problem solving, safety, diversity and inclusion, and sexual harassment. According to the article Developing a Training Plan for Legal Compliance, “The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that employers may be held liable for sexual harassment if they do not exercise reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any such harassing behavior in the workplace” (TrainingToday, 2016). Another example is compensation; a job description and specification determines whether jobs are determined to be equal within an organization. This requires that men and women despite of race, color, age, religion, and disability be paid and equal salary for an equal job or position.

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