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human resources gaps in talent 6 8 paragraphs

Assignment: Gaps in Talent

In order to develop talent, an organization must first identify a gap in the talent pool. This may be an existing or anticipated gap consistent with the long-term strategic objectives of an organization. Once the talent gaps have been identified, these and other questions may be examined: How might we select potential talent that might fill these gaps? What are the different evaluation methods for recognizing talent? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these evaluation methods?

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For this Application, suppose you have been asked to develop a talent management initiative for identifying gaps and recognizing talent. With this in mind, respond to the following in a paper (6-8 Paragraphs). APA Format.

  • What are some techniques an organization might use in identifying gaps in talent?
  • Are multisource assessments (the ratings assigned by supervisors, peers, and employees) a good method for recognizing gaps in talent? Why or why not?
  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of a multisource assessment to another evaluation method of your choice.

Justify your answers with references with the provided resources or relevant resources you find.

By Day 7

Submit your assignment. APA Format.

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