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i need help writing a 4 page essay the work that i have chosen is cathedral quot by raymond carver


4-6 pages—

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12 point font, double spaced,

MLA format, basic margins,

Must analyze work(s) from the syllabus Must cite from 1 outside sources

For your analysis essay, you will look closely at one or two of the works studied this semester.When analyzing a work, you must find an important idea/theme/concept/purpose in the work and prove the importance and relevance of this idea within the work and using outside sources (at least 1).To begin, you must first decide what you are going to analyze or argue.Consider different aspects of the writing that interest you.The bulk of your paper will defend your idea/interpretation, looking closely at different parts of the work that aided in your overall understanding of the work.I suggest you look at the foundation of the work and its author for help with your argument.Feel free to use the “Literary Criticisms” to help you come up with an idea to write about.They are listed after the proposal info.

Look closely at both the form and the content of the work, noting how the author has shaped his/her ideas using many different elements, like language, symbolism, or even setting.Remember that there is more than one angle a work may be taking; however, when writing your paper, you should only focus on ONE main idea.To assist you with selecting an idea, here are some thoughts:

  • Compare two characters who represent a common idea or trait (from two different works),
  • Compare two works and how they both discuss the same topic, such as identity or death.
  • Look at two works by the same author and discuss one topic or idea and its theme/lesson.
  • Connect the author’s background to a theme in one work,
  • Connect the author’s time period to a them in one work,

Here is an example of a basic argument that needs some more fine-tuning:

Thesis:In “The Raven,” Edgar Allan Poe shows how death is all-consuming and will haunt a person forever.Poe knew firsthand how death could affect a person, especially after the loss of many important women in his life, including his wife, Virginia.Throughout “The Raven,” Poe shows his readers just how horrible, unfair, and palpable death was for him and can be for others.

Body:The body of my paper would include examples, quotes, and evidence to support my thesis or MEANING of the work.I would focus on ONLY this one main idea and not consider other purposes or themes from the story.I would use at least two of his other works to argue that this theme is prevalent and important to his works/life.

Conclusion:I would end the paper with confidence, having successfully convinced my reader that this was one of Poe’s goals or objectives when writing his poem.

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