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International Business Skills

1500-2000 Words. APA Format. At least 3-5 References w/in text citations.

Create a proposal to the board to recommend globalization. You will use your deliverables from Weeks 1–3 in your work for this part. Include the following components:

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  • Introduction: This is a general overview of international business and 1 example of a successful globalization attempt by a reputable organization.
  • Opportunities and Risks: Include the contents of your memo to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company (Week1).
  • Employee Preparation: Include your article for the employee newsletter (Week 2).
  • Determine Organizational Structure: Address the organizational structure that you chose for your organization (Week 3).
  • Rationale for Globalization: Create an analysis of the necessary business skills for international business. Outline the format for an employee training to build skills in these areas.- NEW

Part 2 Tasks (Objective(s) from Week 5)

Summarize your proposal, including the following:

  • Summary: Summarize your research thus far.
  • Recommendation: Include a recommendation to the board based on your research as to whether or not the organization should choose globalization. Include the recommended organizational structure for the transition.

Note: The deliverable for this assignment is an APA written document to include the work of the previous three weeks.

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