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International trade and finance, economics essay help

You should do two things:

1.You should address an International Trade and Finance economic topic to me first in 8 days

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2. The research paper should due in 20 days

this is not a political science class so politics should be avoided.  Your research paper should deal with economic analysis of current International Trade and Finance economic activity.  Background information should be minimal; definitions are not to be included.  Focus is on economics; disparity in socio-economic factors must be addressed as an economic variable, not a political/social problem. 

Example 1:  Developed nations view child labor or sweatshops as producing goods and services very cheaply at the expense of exploited laborers.  These practices may be permitted or condoned by a government.  Lower wages affect international competition since a company operating factories in these countries may experience higher profits.  (Price *Quantity = Revenue; and, Revenue – costs (labor being a cost) = Profit).  Address the economic factors, not the social implications.

Example #2: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): Do not write about political process/discontent implementing this agreement.  Do not write about projections, possible labor market shifts, etc.  Address unemployment in the US directly attributed to companies moving to Mexico, lost taxes, and current economic impact to US and other countries because of NAFTA.

Finally, your paper must provide economic analysis of your research topic (research paper’s title).  If you wish to write about the shift of automobile manufacturing to right-to-work states and then tell me about unionization problems, your grade will be minimal since you did not address the economic impact of the location changes.

Thanks! Please write it carefully!

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