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ISSC343 Central Texas College Wireless Communications in Business Discussion


I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.

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Topic 1: Wireless Communications in Business

Wireless technology can offer businesses more flexible and inexpensive ways to send and receive data. List the advantages of using wireless communication in business.

Learning Objectives Covered:

  • List the advantages of wireless communications for businesses.

You will:

  1. List the advantages of wireless communications for businesses.

Student one:

Hello everyone!

First of all, wish you all the best in your academic and personal journeys! It has been a very fast paced but exciting class for me.

As for the benefits of wireless communications for businesses comes, there are many. In the long run for businesses, going wireless translates to saving money since maintenance and upgrading the hardware equipment is usually less labor intensive compared to wired hardware. Such an example is one of the buildings at work have outdated wired phones and Ethernet cables that need serious upgrades, yet the costs to reach them under the marble flooring and other fixtures would be too costly. Piggy backing off of this, less wires also translates to less falling or fire hazards, as these cables if not organized properly or cleaned often will collect dust or are in the way of foot traffic.

Mobility is one of the biggest advantages for businesses, allowing not only their employees to work away from their cubicles, but also connecting either client to their profiles. An example of this is for me at work, we recently received a tablet that helps us conduct our audits in real time versus printing papers, taking down notes, and inputting the details later at a desktop. Another illustration is patients at clinics or pharmacies being able to view their medical records or notes online from their phones or other device.

Interconnectivity amongst coworkers also is another improvement. Need to have an emergency meeting? No problem, just connect using a device that has access to the internet and voila! I have video chatted before with an IT worker in India while I was working on servers and cables here in Texas after a storm had knocked certain computers of the WLAN.

Of course there are many more other advantages for businesses going wireless. These include flexibility of working from virtually anywhere, availability to larger number of users simultaneously, etc. Thank you all for reading and for commenting.



Olenewa, J. Guide to Wireless Communications. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…

Student two:

There are many advantages for a business to have wireless communications. I think the most beneficial advantage is that individuals are no longer required to sit behind a desk and work because their computer is connected to a wired network. They are able to move around, talk to other co-workers, and talk to customers. For example, in my job, we are able to go visit customers using our equipment and if there is a problem, we are able to look on our smartphones for inventory or solutions to the issue. The customers like that ability since it decreases their downtime. Wireless communications also provide companies the ability to track their inventory in “real time”. When employees remove something from stock, the inventory can be updated automatically, as long as the company has employed that technology, thus showing an up to date inventory instead of one which was counted earlier and is printed out.

Wireless communications also increase productivity. It does this by allowing workers to stay connected to the work network during meetings, conferences, and sales calls (Olenewa, 2017, pg. 428). It also allows workers to complete work when they are not in the office. They can complete reports, perform updates, and even take conference calls when they are watching their children play sports. I know this ability has helped me immensely. Wireless networks can also improve your IT support. This sounds a little strange, but wireless is an easier system set up and it is easier to T/S. In a wired system, T/S can be very difficult due to hidden cabling infrastructure and the many connections points. Wireless systems tend to eliminate these issues.


Olenewa, J. L. (2017). Guide to wireless communications. Australia: Cengage Learning


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