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Job Description Assessment

Assessment Instructions

Individuals tasked with writing job descriptions have to include qualifications and requirements that are specific and measurable. They must also be able to identify the unique characteristics and relationships associated with the position.

Based on the following guidelines, identify the position that you choose to study for this course:

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  • Select a real position in your organization. (If you are not currently working, choose a position in an organization where you recently worked.) It will be easier for you to choose a position for which you can readily obtain information.
  • This job position must be of a level to which supervisors or other managers report.
  • You are encouraged to choose a position with a current vacancy in your organization.

Create a 2–3 page job description for the position you have chosen. Include the following components:

  • Start with a one-paragraph executive summary of the job.
  • List the most important duties and responsibilities, with percentage of time spent on each. Classify each duty as essential or nonessential.
  • Describe the physical environment and working conditions.
  • List the necessary qualifications including educational background, technical experience, skills, and abilities.
  • Describe the relative importance of the duties.
  • Describe the role relationships connected to this position, both internal and external to the organization.

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