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Keeping[AW1] Up with The Professional Training

Keeping[AW1]  Up with The  Professional Training

Carlicia Taylor


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Professor Andrew Wrobel

Southern New Hampshire University

September 25, 2017


In order for a psychologist to provide the best care and quality in their job and fortheir patients they must turn into continuing learners committed to renewing their professional awareness, services, and experience. Dr. Sarah Bellum lack [AW3] theproper knowledge in current neuropsychologyassessment testingher [AW4] skills are out of date compare [AW5] to the new professional standards. Dr. Bellum had received  her doctoral training about 40 years ago andshe decided to take on a task that  needed current neuropsychology  testing on a client [AW6] mental and health status[AW7]  .  This paper will look at how important it is to keep up with current professional knowledge and standards when looking after clients or participants in your work field[AW8] .

Case Study Vignette

In[AW9]  case study 2-3 located on page (22) in  the book Ethics in Psychology and the Mental Health Professions by[AW10] Koocher &  Keith-Spiegel  [AW11] is about  Dr. Sarah Bellum[AW12]  she received her doctoral training 40 years, her specialty that she was trained in is  assesses organicity[AW13] . Dr. Bellum [AW14] current knowledge is in three testing  methods which are  (1)the Wechsler Adult intelligence Scale (WAIS) is basically a test used to measure intellectual  and cognitive abilities in children’s[AW15]  and adults. [AW16] An example: Dr. Bellum uses the WAIS  to look a student test scores to see if they able to skip a grade.  [AW17] (2) House –Tree drawings is basically  as a therapist [AW18] you will tell a child to draw  a house, a tree and person on a blank sheet of paper  and when the child is complete it will give the therapist some insight of how the child views  himself or herself in life., usually whatever the child draws is a reflection of themselves[AW19] .  The last testing method Dr. Bellum used  is  the Bender Motor Gestalt Test is basically a widely use [AW20] testing method,  it is used  both   adults and children   to evaluate their  visual skills and any neurological damage[AW21] .  Dr. Bellum was ask by an attorney if she can assess a patient who have [AW22] brain injury and some psychological impairment, as a trained psychologist she decided to accept the request to look after the client[AW23] . When it came time to begin the report, she tried the  tried-and true technique, even though she is a doctor taking on tried and true technique  can be somewhat beneficial in developing a true skill from one of the approaches, but wanting to incorporate many is not a good idea[AW24] .  The best testing method Dr, Bellum should use from what she acquired before is the Bender Motor Gestalt,[AW25] which client suffered a head injury,she should assess  for common  impairments including  (pain, speech problems/swallowing, emotional and behavioral issues and also cognitive dysfunctions  which can included memory, and orientation[AW26] . The client also suffered from some psychological problems so using the Bender Motor Gestalt test will help to figure how bad is his or her difficulties[AW27] .  The other two testing methods that she knows would kind of help but wouldn’t give sure results for her client problems[AW28] .

Ethical Conflict

When it comes to the ethical conflict in case 2-3 Dr. Bellum was practicing outside of her realm of competence due to her out of date training she had over many decades ago. She had no requirement for her to continue her training in her field[AW29] , once she took on the assignment oflooking after the client [AW30] who had head injuries and functional impairments, she need [AW31] to buckle back up. That means Dr. Bellum need [AW32] to look into additional training when assessing this case, rather than  doing the  tried-and true techniques . It’s clear that she lacks thecorrect knowledge on how to assess the client. Dr, [AW33] Bellum is an incompetent doctor[AW34] who took on this case with little information on  how to properly  go about working this case. (Koocher & Keith-Spiegel [AW35] ,2016) states that when individuals whoare unknowledgeable or misinformed are commonly unwise of what is expected as a professional . The first thing that Dr. Bellum shouldof [AW36] done was contact her colleagues and co-workers about the current training and  practice standards.

The other issue is that the doctor wouldperhaps putting [AW37] her client at harm because as a professional she would not provide the best assessment attainable, her client can possible suffer more damage to their overall body because of a doctor being incompetent and not only is Dr. Bellum putting harm to her client but herself as well, handling a serious case that could determine the attorney outcome onthe client[AW38] .


Koocher, G.P., and [AW40] Keith-Spiegel, P. (2016). Ethics in psychology and the mental health professions: Standards and cases. [AW41] New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 

 [AW1]The word “head” in the running head should not be capitalized. The upper right-hand corner should be the page number. Other than that, you did a great job with your title page.

 [AW2]This should not be in bold typeface. Also, the phrase “Running head:” should not precede the abbreviated title in all capital letters. Page numbers should be in the upper right-hand corner. Both of these should carry on throughout your paper.

 [AW3]This should be in the past tense.

 [AW4]At this point should be broken into two sentences with a period after the word “testing”.

 [AW5]This should be in the past tense.

 [AW6]This should be possessive.

 [AW7]You need an in-text citation for the case material.

 [AW8]In the abstract you were to include a few sentences on how you would be using the American Psychological Association (APA) Ethics Code to analyze the case.

 [AW9]All paragraphs should be indented.

 [AW10]The APA publication manual discourages this way of referring to references. Always refer to a reference as its author’s name and the publication date. Direct quotes require a page or para number.

 [AW11]You need to include a publication date.

 [AW12]You should and this sentence here.

 [AW13]This should not be in bold face type and should read “was to assess organicity”. She had a class in this, this was not her specialty. You need to remain accurate to the case.

 [AW14]This should be possessive.

 [AW15]It is not used on children. That is why it is referred to as the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

 [AW16]Citation needed.

 [AW17]This is not needed. In fact it’s wrong. The WAIS is now in its fourth edition and should not be used in this edition. Keep accurate to the vignette. Dr. Bellum currently does psychotherapy.

 [AW18]This is badly phrased.

 [AW19]Citation needed.

 [AW20]This should be in the past tense.

 [AW21]This is now rarely used as it no longer shows validity and reliability.

 [AW22]This should be in the past tense.

 [AW23]You need to be careful how you phrase your sentences. Accuracy and precision is very important when writing about ethics. The way to phrase this sentence implies that Dr. Bellum will be the person’s therapist. She is not to be the therapist, she’s only to assess the neuropsychological functioning of the individual.

 [AW24]I do not understand what you are trying to say by this sentence.

 [AW25]She should not use any of these tests as they are very out of date.

 [AW26]Did you mean for this section to be in parentheses? You have an opening parenthesis but no closing one. None of these things would be evaluated by the Bender Gestalt test.

 [AW27]No,  it  will not. The test is to out of date and is no longer used for such practices. Citation needed.

 [AW28]You need to provide far more detail in regards to the case. You focused too much on the issue of the tests themselves.

 [AW29]Again, be careful how you phrase things. She did have to continue her training in her field. However, the field was psychotherapy and not neuropsychological assessment.

 [AW30]Again, this sounds like it is a long term therapy situation, when it was not. She was only to evaluate the individual.

 [AW31]This should be “needed”.

 [AW32]This should be “needed”.

 [AW33]This should be “Dr.”.

 [AW34]Again, you need to be careful how you phrase things. She is not totally incompetent, she is only practicing outside of her range of competency.

 [AW35]When starting a sentence, the authors names should not be in parentheses, only the date of publication.

 [AW36]This should be “have”.

 [AW37]This should read “perhaps be putting”.

 [AW38]You need to tie the case indirectly to the APA Ethics Code. Dr. Bellum violated APA Ethical Standards 2.01a, 2.01b, 2.01f, 3.04, 3.09, 9.01a, and 9.08b.

 [AW39]The second and subsequent line of the reference should be indented. You need an in-text citation and reference for the APA Ethics Code.

 [AW40]You should use an ampersand and not the word “and”.

 [AW41]Following this should be the edition of the textbook written as follows (4th ed.).

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