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Learning Exerciser – 13.1 – Making Pay Public

Making Pay Public

You just completed reading about various challenges facing compensation professionals. Making pay public is a relatively new challenge that organizations will need to address. The objective of this exercise is to research the topic of Making Pay Public. Utilizing HR journals, newspapers, magazines, or websites provide an overview of the topic, consider the questions below and summarize your position on making pay public. Consider using acceptable sources such as: professional journals, business newspapers and publications and website devoted to Human Resources. Sources should be recent, within the last three years. Document the sources and list the citations in your submission. If the source is a website, designate the URL of the website where the source is located.

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  • What concerns do employers have about making pay open to workers?
  • What has been the reaction of employers and workers to opening pay information to their workers?
  • What was the key driver (or case) for organizations opening pay information to workers?
  • What impact has open pay information had on gender pay discrimination, if any?
  • What approaches are being used to address pay transparency? And, are they successful?
  • How would you manage pay transparency issues?
  • What is your position on making pay public?

Exercise Guidelines:

  • Name and Student ID number (last four numbers) should be typed and appear at the top of the page
  • Page Topic: “Learning Exerciser – 13.1 – Making Pay Public” should appear under the student name
  • No more than 3 (three) pages MS Word doc.
  • MS Word doc., typed in an Arial 10 point font, single spaced
  • Well written, no spelling errors or incomplete sentences
  • If appropriate, include citations
  • Answer the questions being asked in a direct and thorough manner

The quality of the response is more important than the length.

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