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Venus is a Roman goddess of love. She was associated with love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, victory, desire, enticement, seduction and a persuasive female charm. She became a popular subject for paintings in the Renaissance period. The primary two paintings where she has been well brought out is in the Olympia and the mirror. Olympia is an oil piece of art. It was authored by Edouard Manet who hails from French. The work was created in 1863. The painting was to be used to symbolize the victory and the prosperity of the French people. The painting was acquired by the French government in 1890 and placed it under safe custody in Musee d’Orsay in Paris. It’s placed in a museum to act a symbol that tends to remind the French people of the much they accomplished that led to them being where they are today (Churchill, 2016).

The second piece of art is Venus in front of the mirror. It’s an oil piece of art authored by Paul Reubens. He hails from Vienna, Austria in Europe. The painting was created in the Baroque era in 1615 and was directly inspired by Titian’s famous piece. The art resides in Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna, Austria. The picture is symbolic of prosperity. These two paintings have a shared theme that tends to symbolize Venus truthfully (Churchill, n.p).

The French people are known to be industrious and hardworking. They are therefore very successful. The painting by Edouard Manet serves to show how prosperous Venus was and helps to explain the relationship between the current French people and the early people who lived with Venus. Secondly, is Venus in front of the mirror. Venus in front of the mirror helps to show a reflection of the population of Austria. It contributes to show serious self-searching to identify the underlying issues that affect the growth and the development of Austria as a country. The painting, therefore, has a direct relationship with the Austrians as they are renown in carrying out various self-searching procedures. These processes help to identify different factors that come in their way of accomplishing their set goals and objectives (Musée D’orsay, 13)

The two paintings have a universal theme of prosperity. The pictures also help to show that in harmony and love, it’s possible to conquer and reach all the set goals and objectives. It’s also essential to note that the two paintings have been adopted by their respective governments. It helps to show how well they contribute to bring cohesion and integration in their countries. The pictures also bring out the theme of hard work among the various communities that are in the respective countries of these paintings. One should also note that these two pictures aline with the original theme that Venus exemplifies. The theme is prosperity, victory, and love. With respect, the cultural groups of these two respective countries will carry out their activities in harmony (Venus Of Urbino, n.p)

The two authors, however, approach the similar themes differently. Eduoard Manet presents Venus as seated on a reclining seat. They also offer the surrounding to show that it exudes excellence. That way, it’s possible to identify the theme of prosperity from the way all the factors in the painting are presented. On the other hand, Paul Reubens help to bring the same idea of success and transparency. By painting Venus as naked and standing in front of the mirror and looking at herself, contributes to show that she is admiring what has become of her. It’s also evident in the reflections behind her that she is living large. She seems to be within a cozy room (Venus Of Urbino, n.p).

The paintings tend to have a high degree of influence in the contemporary societies. The painting by Paul Reubens especially helps to show self-searching. It proves that no matter how successful one may become, they are not saints as they have messed up in some part of their life and that they need to look back and make things right. Venus standing naked and in front of the mirror helps to symbolize transparency additionally. Leaders should ensure that they do not engage in heinous actions that will ruin the state of their countries economy.

The Olympia is also symbolic and has lots of lesson for the modern society. Venus is painted as sitting on a reclining couch which is surrounded by an ambiance that displays excellence. The excellence is as a result of the prosperity of all the actions that she carries out (Titian/Rubens, n.p)

One of the major lessons that the present generation can learn from the pictures is the need to prosperity. Success ensures that all the members of the society lead a decent life. When all the members of the community are successful, there will be reduced criminal activities, and the society will rest in peace and harmony. Secondly, the paintings also help to show that there is need is living in love as a community. Venus accomplished all that she accomplished since she did it with love for all her people (Churchill, n.p)

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