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Logistic Coordinator, Cover letter help

I need a cover letter for the the below position: Use the attached file to check my qulifications

Logistic Coordinator

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Job description

Your responsibilities

  • You will be in charge of the logistical administrative processes. This involves the collection of orders, incoming and outgoing deliveries of material, stock monitoring and material requirements planning.
  • You will coordinate our deliveries and supervise the logistical aspects of current projects.
  • Statistical analysis and regular reports for the managing director are also part of your tasks. Our own company software is available to support you in your work for which you will receive comprehensive training.

Your benefits

  • Self-reliable working and comprehensive project responsibility
  • Challenging projects in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams

Your profile

  • You have a commercial business background and understand the interaction of administrative and operational processes.
  • In addition, you have good know-ledge of logistical processes and ideally have a basic knowledge of bookkeeping, controlling or logistics. You have no problem working independently.
  • You must have excellent organizational skills, strong computer background in Windows and SAP would be a big advantage, knowledge of the construction market in general would be beneficial.
  • You are interested in a challenging position that requires flexibility, responsibility and self-motivation.
  • Good communication skills and a strong command of the English language are a must.
  • Extensive training is provided, including seminars in Germany.


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