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mergers and acquisitions 1

Value creation with M&A

Read the 5 articles, review the questions below for your assigned topic to frame your thinking/analysis, and then write a 2-3 page, succinct critical analysis. You do not need to find any other articles and you do not need to answer each question – these are provided as a tool to help frame your thinking.

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Questions to consider: Do acquisitions and/or mergers create value for shareholders, employees, management and/or other stakeholders? Why or why not? When is value most likely to be created? Is acquisition an effective strategy for growth? When is it better to “build in-house” vs. acquiring?

Critical Analysis: a critical analysis explores both the pros and cons of a particular issue – it is not simply a summary, nor is it an opinion paper. The readings in each area will provide different perspectives (for example, different perspectives are provided regarding value creation with M&A). Consider these differing perspectives and evaluate critically. Think strategically. Given what you learn from the different perspectives in the readings, what would recommend? The questions below under each topic area should be used to help guide your thinking and analysis.

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