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midterm help

  1. Choose FIVE (5) of the questions below to answer for the exam.
  2. For EACH of the questions you choose, offer a 2-3 paragraph response.
  3. Be sure to include support for each of your answers from our text, readings page, and discussions.

CHOOSE 5 from the following

  1. Identify and briefly explain three of the imperatives for studying intercultural communication. Then discuss how each of the imperatives you explained affects our understanding of intercultural communication.
  1. Explain at least two ways in which ethnocentrism, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination act as barriers to effective intercultural communication.
  1. We all belong to various cultural groups. Identify two groups you belong to both voluntary and involuntary. Describe your membership to each group. Then explain how belonging to that group influences your perceptions of others within and outside of your cultural group.
  1. Explain the importance of histories and their relationship to cultural identities. Why is it important to discover histories when studying intercultural communication?
  1. List and explain the each of the stages in the Minority Identity Development Process.
  1. Explain the differences in how identities are developed from a minority versus majority group members in the United States.
  2. Today technology has had a profound impact on the communication style of those that live within a particular culture. Define and explain the potential of a third culture communication style.
  3. Identify and describe the benefits and challenges of interpersonal intercultural relationships. Then discuss the impacts of interpersonal intercultural relationships on our ability to communicate across cultures.

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