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MOD 1-Societal Marketing-Class Discussion RESPONSE


General Mills is a multinational company that deals with several branded consumer foods. The company produces and markets branded consumer foods worldwide. General Mills also distributes unbranded food products to other industries that deal with food services. The company was formed in 1928 in Minneapolis and it is still located there. Since its establishment, the company has been able to acquire other companies thereby making it one of the world’s trusted food suppliers. (General Mills Inc, 2019).

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Mission and Vision

General Mills has mission and vision statements that guide their operations. Its vision statement is “to serve the world by making food people love.” The mission, on the other hand, is: “To make lives healthier, easier and richer every day.” Their main target in the mission is to nourish lives, the whole society and the future (General Mills Inc., 2017). For the company to meet its objectives and achieve its mission, it has set up three aspects that will focus on nourishing the lives of its customers. Firstly, General Mills assists its customers to lead healthier lives by employing weight management strategies and by producing products that will boost the functions of the heart rather than affecting its performance. This is achieved through the enriching of the diets by incorporating essential nutrients. Secondly, the company also produces on-the-go foodstuffs that are conveniently packaged. Finally, the company also strives to enrich the lives of its customers by making products that can create special and memorable moments with their friends, family or colleagues.


General Mills stakeholders are the stock owners, senior management, employees, traders, suppliers, delivery companies, farmers and consumers. The major institutional stakeholders are Vanguard Group Inc., State Street Corp, Blackrock Institutional Trust Company, Blackrock Fund Advisors, Massachusetts Financial Services Co.

Kraft Heinz Company should have a very similar mission and vision as both companies are dedicated to the sustainable health of the people and the planet, but apparently, that was not the case (Ocano, 2015). After searching the site intensively I could not locate the mission or vision but they do have their culture and values listed. Both companies do have similar values and strive to create a positive culture.

Nestle on the other had a very detailed mission statement, in my opinion, it was very clear and portions of the statement educated potential stakeholders on the company’s objective. In my opinion, their mission statement technically had parts of their vision in it. Their statement was long but I felt it covered the majority of their short term goals. After reading their mission statement I started looking at their stock details, I even downloaded their Annual report, financial statements and read their letter to shareholders.



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Awesome start to the class. I am trying to stay head and keep up (as I have many health problems) so I am happy that you are an early poster. Keep up the momentum.

You have some great information about the mission statements, vision statements, and the stakeholder. Mission and vision statements have evolved and developed through the years. It seems like businesses have really catered to their current markets by adjusting the terms they use. I personally believe that a lot of evolvement to make things simpler to understand in the past few years is because generation by generation we have more and more automated technology. In this case, both companies seem to lean very much towards creating a certain type of future and with that in mind they use more terms and ideals that younger generations will understand and agree to.

I do not think that anyone born in the 90s would not understand the same concepts as companies that have more traditional mission and vision statements (unless they are business students). I say this purely from experience that I have younger friends who share the same ideals as what these websites convey. Do you think that companies change the terms the use to cater to a certain generation? Or do you think they use different term because they want to be the first to have a “value statement” or “promises,” so that they differ from other competitors?



This post should be 125 words in length. If you are engaging in research, be sure to cite in the body of the post and add a reference list in APA format

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