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north korea

discuss the country risk about North Korea

Country risk (also known as political risk) refers to the potentially adverse effects on com- pany operations and profitability caused by developments in the political, legal, and economic environment in a foreign country. Country risk includes the possibility of foreign government intervention in firms’ business activities. For example, governments may restrict access to mar- kets, impose bureaucratic procedures on business transactions, and limit the amount of income that firms can take home from foreign operations. The degree of government intervention in commercial activities varies from country to country. Singapore and Ireland are characterized by substantial economic freedom—that is, a fairly liberal economic environment. By contrast, the Chinese and Russian governments regularly intervene in business affairs.7 Country risk also includes laws and regulations that potentially hinder company operations and performance. Critical legal dimensions include intellectual property protection, product liability, and taxation policies. Nations also experience potentially harmful economic conditions, often due to high inflation, national debt, and unbalanced international trade.

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try to talk about these aspects:

Political System

Legal System







Tariff/Nontariff barriers (taxes, quotas etc.)

Subsidies/Governmental investment incentives

Regional Economic Blocs

Intellectual Property Law

•your paper will provide a minimum of 10 active links to source material(of any kind, article, video, music, etc.) as well as an analysis section of at least 800words for eachof the types of risk.

•You will also fully document your sources and provide complete APA style citations for all of your sources.

•While you can use anything that interests you in your paper, remember to make it relevant to doing business in your project country.

this is an example and the requirements below

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