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NVCC Architectural Drawings on Architecture from Ancient Rome up Trough the Gothic Period

Create an architectural drawing on architecture from Ancient Rome up through the Gothic Period. Include the following architectural elements:

  1. Tuscan (Doric), Ionic, Corinthian capitals (Greece and Rome powerpoints)
  2. Roman arch (Roman Republic pp)
  3. Arcade (Roman Empire pp)
  4. Hemispherical dome with oculus (Roman republic/Empire pp)
  5. Church basilica plan with transept, ambulatory, and radiating chapels (Early Christian/Late Antiquity pp)
  6. Pendentive (Byzantine pp)
  7. Westwork (Early Medieval Europe)
  8. Romanesque portal with tympanum (Romanesque Europe pp)
  9. Pointed arch (Gothic Europe pp)
  10. Flying buttress (Gothic Europe pp)
  11. Triforium (Gothic Europe pp)
  12. rose and lancet (stain glass windows, Gothic Europe pp)
  13. minaret (Byzantine pp and Islamic pp)
  14. Dome (Islamic architecture inspired)
  15. horseshoe and keel arches (Islamic pp)

You must label your illustration with the term and include some details to enhance the drawing. You can get examples from the powerpoints and the Internet. I am not looking for professional draftsmanship but time and effort in your drawings. I would suggest using blank white paper (copy paper is fine or posterboard) and a straight edge or ruler to draw straight lines. (You can trace cups for circular forms.)

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Be creative! You can combine elements as long as they are labeled clearly. Posters are fine! Colored pens, etc.

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