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please answer the questions below 9

The topic of choice has already been assigned which is Women of Domestic Violence. I have also attached a document of the partially completed assignment for you to use as a guide to continue on and also use the background information of the individuals**

Background and Justification Paper

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You will write a one to two-page paper addressing the areas below. Each area below should include a short subheading referring to the content of that section. Please do not use the entire question as the subheading title. Your paper should be typed, formatted per APA guidelines, and include at least three references from peer-reviewed journal articles. You may include additional references if desired.

1.Overall group goals. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this group? For example, if you’re working with clients experiencing social anxiety, the goal may be to reduce feelings of anxiety while in the presence of others.

2. Techniques, approaches, framework. How will you address the issues your clients are experiencing? Specifically, what will your theoretical framework be? For example, if you’re working with clients experiencing sexual assault, using empowerment and strengths-based techniques may be most appropriate. Let the literature guide you! Look up what others have used with your population and see what’s worked best.


Group Therapy Sessions Outline

You will create an outline for TWO group therapy sessions. Outlines should consider the stage of group development, group goals, how groups progress over time, as well as logistics, for example, introductions and explanation of the group during the first session. Each group session should include the following:

1. An appropriate topic for that week given group stage and development. Please briefly describe the topic in one to two sentences.
2. A weekly goal. Please briefly describe the goal in one to two sentences. Weekly goals should make sense, be in the appropriate order by week, and “add up” to achieving the overall group goal.
3. An appropriate activity for that week’s theme. Examples of group activities can be found online. Please include a short check-in for each week. Please briefly describe the activity in one to two sentences.
4. Five process questions you would ask the group to follow-up with the activity. If the activity involves asking questions. For example, if you have your clients complete a questionnaire where they get to know themselves, this does not count as follow-up process questions. You still need to develop five more questions that would allow you to facilitate group communication. You can ask things like, “How does it feel to talk about your relationship with your mother?” or “Have you ever thought about how his death impacted you before?”. Try not to duplicate generic questions often (“How does that make you feel?”). Questions should, for the most part, be related to the theme.

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