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Creating a Career Goal You are planning a career in management. Using the goal form (the four-step process outlined below) create your own career goal. My Goal Sheet Many individuals may not know how to develop a career goal; follow the steps below to help you determine where to start. There are a few steps that can be helpful in determining your career goal which include: conducting a self-assessment exploring industries and careers and determining factors that are non-negotiable (e.g. geographic location salary requirements and health care benefits). The final step of goal setting is writing the first draft of your goal. Step 1: Self-Assessment
Step 2: Career Exploration Explore job industries by conducting research on the type of careers that use your interests and skillset. O*Net OnLine the Occupational Outlook Handbook and Bureau of Labor Statistics are great web resources for career exploration job analysis and education requirements. Ask a professional in your career field of interest for an informational interview. Informational interviews allow you to gather information from a direct contact about his or her role. There are various ways to pursue an informational interview. For example company websites social networking sites newspaper ads and professional associations are avenues a job seeker can take. Also while deciding on a goal consider your current lifestyle and where you would like to be in the future. Some helpful questions to consider are listed below.
Step 3: Determining your non-negotiable items Although we may not speak them aloud we each have things we are not willing to compromise on. During this step write out your must haves for your future career. To help get you started think about the minimum salary you need to have where you want to live and desired work hours.
Step 4: Pulling it all together Write the first draft of your goal Now that you have conducted a self-assessment explored industries and occupations and written down your non-negotiable items what are your future career goals? Be as specific as possible. Example Career Goal I would like to become a project manager within a large organization (5000+ employees) utilizing my organizational skills education in organization development my ability to strategically plan and my detail-oriented nature. Since I have a family I must have a salary of $50000 or more work within 25 miles of Houston Texas and work a 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. traditional work schedule. Guided Response After working through the steps post your final career goal into the discussion forum. Review at least two peers career goals and determine the following:

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