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policy memos the taiwan issue

***PLEASE use simple language! Simple Words and concise sentences!!***

Policy memo: Write a memo on whether the United States should reach a deal or make concessions to China with respect to Taiwan. Be clear on what these concessions might be and the effects of doing so, both on Taiwan and China.

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Sources: Links are included in the attached document!

ONLY use the sources in the document!


—Other requirements, SAMPLE, and SAMPLE ANALYSIS are also attached in the document—


A policy memo is designed as a real-world, real-time exercise in providing policy analysis and prescription (1000 words). A policy memo should be from someone, to someone, and have a date. The memo should reflect what the author and recipient knew at the time, not events or information that is only revealed subsequently. A policy memo should:

  • Outline the policy issue in question;
  • Consider options that were or could have been taken;
  • Reach a judgment about the costs and benefits of different policy choices.
  • It should also make a recommendation.
    • Requirements

In this assignment, you must apply concepts from this course to address a real-world policy challenge. This paper is not a research paper or analytic essay; rather, it is a policy document for a hypothetical policymaker. There is some room to be creative with regards to who is your intended audience. But it is important to spend some time putting yourself in the shoes of that policymaker and thinking about what their goals and priorities are.

Below you will find: i) detailed instructions about the assignment, ii) memo prompts and additional sources (beyond those readings from syllabus for that topic) and iii) a guide to good policy memo writing.

  • Length: Your memo must be approximately 1,000 words long.
  • Due Date: Your TA’s will have you sign up for a due date for the memo based upon the topic you choose. This will be discussed during the first discussion section (week 2). In general, memos will be due a few days after the topic you select is discussed in lecture. Contact your TA if you have any questions regarding the due date after your first discussion section meets. Late assignments will be penalized.
  • Formatting: Assignments should be in 12-point font, Times New Roman. Assignments should have 1-inch margins. Assignments can be single or double-spaced.
  • Citations: In addition to assigned readings provided on the syllabus, we have created a bibliography of additional sources (below); you may do additional research if you like but it is not required. You should cite sources in the text of your assignment as footnotes or endnotes (these will not count towards the word count). You do not need to include a works cited page at the end of your assignment. You may use MLA, APA, or Chicago style.

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