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positive psychology discussion 1


Please respond in 300 words minimum and Use 3 positive psychology concepts.

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What beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes appear to have contributed to Rashema Melson’s success?

Discuss how she appears to view her situation? What beliefs did she have about being homeless and her ability to cope with her homeless situation and still hold to her academic goals—and her ultimate achievement of the first step toward her ultimate dream? What thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes were instrumental in her success? What setbacks/difficulties might you anticipate she might face as you begins her studies at Georgetown and what cognitions (thoughts, believes, attributions, etc) might affect her successfully completing her studies at Georgetown? (those that might lead to success and those that might hinder her in achieving her goal of graduating from college?

How do the concepts presented this week illuminate her experience–and how does her experience illuminate the concepts?


The following terms might well be useful in your post: mindfulness, hope, optimism (as Seligman explains the term, attributional style, and self-efficacy–and any others you think are relevant as well. It is important to use the terms as commonly defined by psychologists, which is not always exactly as they are used by the general public. Try to focus on how Ms. Rashema thought about her situation–or might have thought about it (you can use your imagination here, if you wish).

Listen or read two or more of the links below. They contain information about a homeless teen in Washington DC who managed to graduate from High School as Valedictorian of her class and who receives a full scholarship to Georgetown. (You are welcome to look at more news reports of her situation, if you wish.)

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