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Post 10: A Framework for Understanding Physical Environment-User Relationships in Service Organizations

M6 – Assignments

This module’s work focuses on the Servicescape and Exam 2.

For this module, complete the following.

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1. Make your initial post to the class discussion. Note the time frames and due date(s) for later posts, then submit them accordingly.

2. For each chapter covered in this module:

– Review the Chapter Topics, Chapter Objectives and PowerPoint slides.

– Study the chapter in the text/e-text. Make notes, highlight, and review anything that you think might be important.

3. Submit Service Marketing Journal Post 10.

4. Review the “Lockdown Browser + Webcam Instructions,” particularly the guidelines when taking an online exam with a webcam. This will help ensure you receive maximum credit for your efforts. They are under the Modules link and Instructions tab.

5. Practice Quiz 2 is available if you would like to test your computer set up.

6. Take Exam 2. It will be available to you in this module folder from 12:01 AM on July 4 until 11:59 PM on July 8. I have added one additional day for the Independence Day holiday. You are not allowed to use additional materials (the text, notes or any other resources) during the exam – it is a closed-book exam. You will have 80 minutes to complete the exam.

Chapter 10 Topics

• Physical Evidence

• Types of Servicescapes

• Strategic Roles of the Servicescape

• Framework for Understanding Servicescape Effects on Behavior

• Guidelines for Physical Evidence Strategy

• Technology Spotlight: Virtual Servicescapes: Experiencing Services through the Internet

• Global Feature: McDonald’s Adapts Servicescapes to Fit the Culture

• Strategy Insight: Strategic Positioning through Architectural Design

Chapter 10 Objectives

1. Explain the profound impact of physical evidence, particularly the servicescape, on customer perceptions and experiences.

2. Illustrate the differences in types of servicescapes, the roles played by the servicescape, and the implications for strategy.

3. Explain why the servicescape affects customer and employee behavior, using a framework based in marketing, organizational behavior, and environmental psychology.

4. Present elements of an effective physical evidence strategy.

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