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Principle of Management, homework help

MGT 3300 – Principles of Management

Lecturer Martha Borowski

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Week Two Written Assignment (covers chapters 1 – 4 in textbook)


Answer each question fully, using complete sentences and in paragraph format, number each answer as it correlates to the question. In addition to using the textbook as a resource, you will need to use additional outside resources to complete this assignment.

Cite all outside resources used and use in-text citation for any quoted material. 

Each question is worth 10 points.

1.Using the Internet, go to the websites of at least five large corporations and locate a biography of their CEO. What formal management education do these leaders have? In your opinion, what is the appropriate amount of formal education needed to be a corporate CEO? Why?

2.Elements from the external environment affect all organizations, but they may not affect all organizations in the same way. Choose an industry and research the impact of at least two different elements from the external environment on the managers of the firms within that industry.

3.Many organizations have responded to the ethical scandals of the early 2000’s by appointing a Chief Ethics Officer, creating ethics training programs, writing a formal Code of Ethics, or setting up a hotline for whistle blowers. How do each of these programs increase ethical behavior within an organization? What other ways can an organization encourage ethical behavior from all levels of employees?

4.Most business decisions are made under conditions of either risk or uncertainty. In your opinion, is it easier to make a decision under a condition of risk or a condition of uncertainty? Why?

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